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Intro - due on the cusp of Feb/March

Hi all,
I've been on the March board a little bit but feel a kinship to February (probably because my birthday is in February as is my husband's). My EDD based on LMP is March 3. At my 8w4d ultrasound baby was measuring two days ahead putting me at March 1. I figure I'm on the cusp so why not hang out here too. My birthday is Feb 28 which would be amusing if baby decides to show early - nice birthday present!

This is my second pregnacy, first one ended in a mmc back in April. Thankfully I was able to get pregnant again fairly quickly, which given our ages (I'm 41, DH is 42) is no small feat. I have my 10+ week OB appt and MaterniT21 test tomorrow. I'm excited b/c this appt is one that I just missed last time as I had my mmc right before it so it's a bit of a milestone for me.

That's about all but just wanted to say hi!

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