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Dec05gurl: EDD 12/17/08, it's a surprise!
futuremrs.Inman: EDD 12/19/08, it's a boy!
Jscaggs: EDD 12/31/08, it's a girl! (Olivia)
Addslove: EDD 1/6/09, it's a surprise!
amurfs17: EDD 1/12/09
Asphire: EDD 2/4/09, it's a boy & a girl!
Meg41208: EDD 2/23/09, it's a girl!
John&Kristin: EDD 3/18/09, it's a girl!
MrsMandaK: EDD 3/28/09, it's a girl!
gemduncan: EDD 4/1/09, it's a girl!
megntom07:EDD 4/9/09, it's a boy!
RXjenna: EDD 5/13/09, it's a girl!
tpo1118: EDD 5/16/09, it's a boy!
adamsbabble: EDD 5/16/09
mrshaskell: EDD 5/31/09, it's a girl!
bellevuebride07: EDD 6/1/09
hannah&ben: EDD 6/8/09
Zoogy: EDD 6/8/09
XmasWedding07: EDD 6/18/09
KYMelissa06: EDD 7/16/09
vbmeg: EDD 8/8/09
tiffany41108: EDD ?
MeganBrian: EDD ?
klee411: EDD end of August

MrsMoher #2
cat81305 #2

The Experts (aka, already moms!)
jules_9: mom to Alyson & Grace, and Brady born 6/1/08
hannah&ben: mom to Jack & Sophia
Becca070707Ken: mom to Kellen Austin, born 1/3/02 & Ayden Michael, born 7/8/08
Dani3679: mom to Ryleigh, born 3/14/04
Nire99: mom to Avery, born 8/14/04 and Owen Gregory, born 1/24/08
Tonya_G: mom to Aiden, born 10/8/05
Steve&heather: mom to Elise Rose, born 10/21/05
MrsMandaK: mom to Lily Gayle, born 4/25/06
Shawnsweetie: mom to Rylee Elizabeth, born 8/5/06
AgathiP04: mom to Nikolas Ronald, born 8/22/06
Mommy2babyj: mom to Jack, born 9/10/06
Ivygalore: mom to Jillian Olivia Alysse, born 1/17/07
Rose.9.6.03: mom to Evelyn Sophia and Charlotte Corinne, born 2/15/07
alisonada: mom to Piper Anne, born 4/13/07 & Kadence Paige, born 10/16/08
MrsMoher: mom to Elijah Matthew, born 5/3/07
zoogy: mom to Mya Frances, born 5/6/07
johnandkristin: mom to Jack, born 6/7/07
MelissaMc22: mom to Jackson Ryan, born 6/8/07
curlypie1: mom to Nora Lee, born 6/19/07
TCsbride: mom to Luke, born 6/25/07
vbmeg: mom to Ryan Elizabeth, born 7/25/07
sistrkate: mom to Justin Thomas, born 8/4/07
Matilda&Leon: mom to Evan, born 8/6/07
adamsbabble: mom to Ava Caroline, born 8/27/07
424bride: mom to Nicholas Morgan, born 9/28/07
LoriZ: mom to Allison, born 10/11/07
ashlynn2432: mom to Kinley Reese, born 10/16/07
little-peanut: mom to Griffin Oliver, born 10/18/07
sprads: mom to Brooke Elizabeth, born 10/29/07
RXJenna: mom to Mason Carter, born 12/11/07
SpartanSuzi: mom to Andrew James, born 12/18/07
skram2b: mom to Maleah Delaney, borh 12/27/07
doodlebug914: mom to Ethan Christopher, born 1/3/08
buttrflysky: mom to Lucas, born 1/8/08
l_kristina: mom to Katherine Elise, born 1/11/08
red0427: step-mom to Max & Grace & mom to Gabe, born 1/12/08
IAM4UK: mom to Katherine Marie, born 1/16/08
JLPT830: mom to Caleb Anthony, born 1/17/08
bgsugrad: mom to Avery Grace, born 2/4/08
cat81305: mom to Alecksander "Aleck" Todd, born 2/14/08
tinytot_924: mom to Kathryn Rose, born 2/20/08
schwenjl: mom to Hudson Henry Daniel, born 2/23/08
pinkylu: mom to Adah Noelle, born 2/25/08
ELucky14: mom to Catherine Elizabeth, born 3/10/08
JenRose05: mom to Benjamin Arthur, born 3/28/08
andailey: mom to Madelyn Grace, born 3/31/08
escape1st: mom to Nathaniel, born 4/7/08
policebride: mom to Eliza Sue, born 4/27/08
teacherjess: mom to Leah Claire, born 5/10/08
KYbride06: mom to Max, born 5/12/08
mrs.george2be04: mom to Logan Charles, born 5/18/08
ML*: mom to Grace Emmaline, born 5/29/08
KristenBtobe: mom to Maggie, born 6/6/08
Brougham7-15-06: mom to Jacob Andrew, born 6/21/08
hav2run: mom to Jamie (17) & Brenna Claire, born 7/25/08
Kabel: mom to Grace Ann 7/25/08
jerseygirl81: mom to Charlie, born 8/6/08
rmburress: mom to Emma Grace, born 8/11/08
riabiron: stepmom to Morgan & mom to Sophia, born 8/14/08
Lorimicheled: mom to Natalie, born 8/20/08
Moesten: mom to Katherine, born 8/26/08
kel716: mom to Brandon, born 8/28/08
Americangreekbr: mom to Anthony, born 8/29/08
Klee2922: mom to Ashlyn, born 9/23/08
Annapolis13: mom to Oliver, born 9/25/08
jgeiman: mom to Jena, born 10/7/08
MrsVetter: mom to Elena, born 10/10/08
lisamm1: mom to Macy, born 10/19/08
soccerfiend2002: mom to Claire Evelyn, born 10/27/08
TM&AB: mom to Charles Adam, born 11/5/08
Megs&Nick: mom to Allison "Allie" Jayne, born 11/27/08
tiffyr0se: mom to Cole Roark, born 12/8/08
Shawnsweetie: mom to Parker, born 12/10/08

Congrats to Mrshaskell for finding out she is having a girl!

Congrats to Klee411 for finding out she is pregnant!

Continue to pray for Asphire and her twins as they have had some scary moments recently!

QOTW: What was your favorite moment(s) of 2008?  It can be anything!  We already have a post about what you have planned for 2009!  Hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Updates always welcomed :-)

Our kids are 19mths apart and we LOVE it!!

Married to my BFF on 8.13.05 (after dating 5 years)!

DS born 2.14.08. DD born 9.30.09.

Re: Weekly Moms Checkin

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    2008 has been wonderful to us!  We were blessed with the birth of our first child and we have enjoyed every minute with him (maybe not the sleepless nights though, LOL!).  We also were able to visit many friends and family this past year which is also a blessing!  We had a very good 2008 and we look forward to many more good things in 2009!

    Updates: DS will not stop TALKING.  He babbling constantly and won't shut up, LOL!  He is also loving to open and close cabinets and any thing he can get his hands on.  His 8th tooth is coming in and he has been a bear.  He have gotten 4 teeth this month already!

    Our kids are 19mths apart and we LOVE it!!

    Married to my BFF on 8.13.05 (after dating 5 years)!

    DS born 2.14.08. DD born 9.30.09.

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    Thanks for adding me to the list :)

    My fave moments of 2008 is enjoying our 1st year of marriage, and celebrating our 1 year anniversary this month! ?Im looking forward to what 2009 will bring.

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    We have been very blessed this year.  By far, my favorite moment was seeing Brenna's face for the first time.  There is no moment that could ever compare to seeing your child right after birth.  This year has FLOWN by.  I swear it should not even be Halloween yet!  Where did it go?

    Brenna has two teeth and two words.  She says da-da, and hi.  To her they are just sounds that get her tons of attention, so she says them all of the time.  She has also taken to long extended periods of belly laughing.  It is hysterical, and I am determined to get it on video.  She stops as soon as I get the video camera out every time. Stick out tongue

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    The best part of 2008 has definitely been welcoming Logan into our family.  DH and I love being parents and our little boy amazes us every day.

     Logan is SO close to crawling.  Every day I think he's going to just take off but he fakes me out.  Yesterday he started trying to pull up on things and today he actually pulled into standing position.  It's his new favorite thing. Big Smile  He says "da da" and "hi" and it sounds like he is trying to say "cat."  Now that those are out of the way I am trying to get him to say "mama"!!  He has 2 top teeth on their way in.  He started giving hugs and kisses a couple of weeks ago.  He is just so much fun!

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    My favorite moment was definitely becoming a mom.  I cherish each time I see DH and DS interacting and I live for the nights I rock him to sleep.  The first few nights he was home from the hospital DH and I had to take turns holding him to get him to sleep at night.  As much as I missed my sleep I will never forget how wonderful it felt to be needed by Caleb and how perfect he felt all snuggled in my arms.  I miss that, and I secretly like when he wakes up in the middle of the night so I can rock him back to sleep.

     We now have tooth #8 and he just started saying "uh-oh."  He loves to look out the window and bang on it, especially when he sees people or cars.

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    Favorite moment of 2008:  giving birth to our second baby, Allison!   She is such a blessing to us. 

    Some other highlights include watching Jack give Alli lots of love, watching Jack learn so many new words and concepts every day (it's really amazing!),  hearing Jack say "I wuv you" for the first time, and celebrating another anniversay with my wonderful husband!  This year we were both able to spend lots of time with family and see some old and cherished friends, too. 

    Catrina, can you add Allison to the list, please?  She was born on October 21.  Thanks!


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    My favorite moment was definitely Thanksgiving Day when I got to meet Allie.  It was something I had wanted for a long time and it certainly lived up to everthing I thought it would be.  I've also enjoyed spending our first year of marriage together and decorating Allie's room for her.

    Allie is doing wonderfully.  She was  a total angel on our road trip to Texas and settled right in with the time and location change.  She also rolled over from belly to back while we were in the hotel in Memphis on the way down.  Definitely took Mommy and Daddy by surprise!  She's smiling a lot more and loves her activity mat.  I can't believe she's one month old!

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    The best event of 2008 was Brandon's arrival.  DH and I absolutely love having a son, and are looking forward to watching him grow up.  Through my pregnancy, I found out that I have some really great friends at work that took the time to plan me a lovely shower and visit me in the hospital (and at home a week later).  The other highlight of the year was the trip DH and I took with his parents to the mid-Atlantic area.  We visitied Atlantic City, Philly, Baltimore, and DC over the course of a week and had a great time. 

    Brandon is working on figuring out how his hands and feet work.  You can tell he wants to move and doesn't know how.  However, on dad's lap last night he did roll back to tummy.  He started rolling from his tummy to his back at 2 weeks (I think that's just a sign as to how much he hates tummy time), so it's only a matter of time before he puts it all together.  Also, he's almost at the point of sitting up unassisted!!!  On top of that, he is starting to mouth his feet, which is just too funny. 

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    2008 has been a very big year for me- we got married, got pregnant, and bought a house (all within 3 months).  The best moments were our wedding and honeymoon in Europe, finding out I'm pregnant, and feeling the baby move and grow. It was a very good year.

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    The best part has been having Elena.  She is such a sweet little baby.  My heart just melts when I look at her.  It is great seeing how awesome DH is with her.  She is such a daddy's girl too.  She is starting to sit up really well and she is really focusing on toys.  She is trying really hard to grab at everything. 

     As for 2009, we are going to try to be debt free other than student loans and a mortgage. We also are working on renovating our master bedroom and fixing our pool.   As for vacations- I would like to visit my sister in Boston sometime over the summer and we have a few weddings. 

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    Nothing in 2008 could top having my daughter.  She has brought so much joy to my life!  My favorite moments with her keep adding up as she grows and develops, hitting more milestones.

    Speaking of growing, at her 4 month Dr. visit, she weighed 17 lb 9 oz and was 25 3/8 in. long.  She is rolling over and loves jumping in her jumper.  She also loves to hear herself squeal.

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    Best part of 2008 is a tie between hearing Eli say Om-mee (what he first used instead of mommy, which he is very good at saying over and over and over now) and when he first said Lub Boo (Eli's version of love you).  Both great moments in the house of Moher.  :)

    Hopefully the best moment for 2009 will be seeing a new little baby for the very first time and seeing Eli be a big brother.  Here's hoping at least!

    Mr & Mrs - 10/15/05
    Elijah Matthew - 5/3/07 ~ Adalyn Rosemary - 3/23/11
    *Photos by Kacy Cierley*
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    The best part of 2008 for me oddly enough is turning 30. I feel really happy with the place I am at right now. Great hubby, wonderful, healthy little toddler, great opportunities...I feel like my 30's will be really good!

    Nora has the croup now, but otherwise is doing well. It seems like every day she's doing a new thing that makes me step back and think about where she learned it from. We have a new kitten and she's been having fun telling him "no!" when he jumps up on something he shouldn't.

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