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Just fell on my butt - actually, sat down really hard

I was trying to get out of our new hammock and managed to fall/sit down hard flat on my butt. Of course I immediately start worrying about hurting the baby although everything I see online says they are well cushioned in there.

Anybody else have a fall like this while pregnant and were okay? Just looking for some peace of mind...
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Re: Just fell on my butt - actually, sat down really hard

  • I haven't but you will be fine.
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  • My mom's friend fell down a flight of steps when she was like 6 or 7 months pregnant.. her baby was fine.

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  • There's been some other ladies on here that have also fallen and been worried. At this stage in the game, you don't have much to be concerned about. It would have to be a very bad fall (i.e. down a flight of stairs). Your LO is burrowed deep in your uterine wall and is safe and sound!
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  • Thanks for the responses, I'm not the most graceful person to begin with so I have a feeling this is not going to be the last fall I take. Thankfully I landed on my most well-padded area.  :D
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