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help me get over it

So i really want a moms group. I got onto and found two different ones.  One for my city and one fore FTM.  Well the FTM i am more interested in because they will have kids around my sons age, but they do a lot of things at people houses. I am on the shy side and can't get over the anxiety of going to a strangers house with just me and my son.  Have any of you guys done something like this? Was it hard? How did it go? Any advice?
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Re: help me get over it

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    You know...I wouldn't really want to go to someone elses house at first either. I'd want to meet up somewhere. It's kind of strange that they'd be meeting at eachother's houses right away.
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    I think they are been doing this since some where pregnant and everything, so i am the new girl
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    I am on my 3rd mom's group (1st one didn't click and moved away from 2nd one). We always meet at each other's houses especially in the winter time and with tiny babies. Later when the babes are walking and it's nice out then its more normal to meet at parks etc. It would be more weird for 10 moms to meet at a coffee shop and take it over with 10 screaming babies.
    I have never had a problem going to other people's houses. I am am however shy about hosting it at my house. So far it's only been one time.

    Just go. If its too uncomfortable, then it's easy to use the baby as an excuse to leave early.

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    Joining a new moms group is hard!  But I always remember that I have the baby with me so it's not like I'm "alone" and these women are all in the same boat as you.  They all went to their first meetup once too.  It's awesome though to get out of the house and be around people that are having the same struggles and successes as you.  Just look at the "worry" or "brag" posts and you'll see that we're all going through the same stuff and it helps to have an in-person support group. 

    For me, the hardest part has been getting out of the house and the initial anxiety of being in a potentially awkward social situation.  Once I've gotten there and gotten past it, it's been totally fine!  

    Also, don't worry about the new girl status.  If they didn't want to be an open group, they'd have a private meetup page. 
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    I would feel weird about going to someone's house, as well. I would feel much more comfortable if the group met somewhere public, at least until I got to know them.
    But then, I'm too apprehensive to even make the move of joining a moms group. I found a local one on meetup, but haven't taken the plunge. Same with going to a LLL meeting.
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    Go to the other group first just so you get your feet wet with the introductions and chit chat, then once you feel better about it go to the ftm group. You may even find that someone in the ftm group is apart of the other so you'll already know someone.

    I went to my first group last week and to another group this morning and already knew a mom from the first group. Made it that much easier.

    You won't know how it'll be until you go...
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