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Biting Crib

My son is so teething! He is starting to bite the crib.  Is there anything I can get to put on the crib?

Re: Biting Crib

  • There are several types of teething rail covers you can check out at BRU. I have yet to use any but I do plan to buy one when DS starts doing that too.
  • There are also ways you can diy it with receiving blankets and zip ties or ribbons. 
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  • We put up the plastic cover things to go over the rails. I didn't put any with DS1 and his crib was COVERED in bite marks!

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  • thanks everyone..just found one at babies r us for $25!
  • If you haven't already put it on, google "DIY fleece crib rail cover" and you'll find tons of blogs with tutorials on how to make your own. I just did it last week for $8. It was so easy and turned out so cute.
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  • I know Target and Babies R Us has pads that cover the sides of the crib. Our DS1 did that :(
  • We bought some covers from the One Step Ahead catalog. They are plastic on the bottom, so that spit doesn't get through, and we were able to have it monogrammed for like, $5, so that it kinda matched his other bedding. They have worked great, and were pretty cheap.
  • DD started this too- but it stopped fast!

    I didn't buy any covers because she would just eat/chew on that too.

    I put a teething toy in her bed- one that she couldn't choke on, no small pieces, nothing she can rip or shred or eat.
  • Crib bumper tied over the top :)
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  • We have just started having this exact same problem! I don't really mind that much but we have a convertible crib so I would prefer it not be all chewed up. I have found that on etsy they sell covers. Just go on etsy and search crib teething cover there are a lot of great ones ! We just bought one
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