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Heart murmur?

The pedi detected what sounded like a heart murmur at LO's 2 month appt. Of course initially I was a bit panicked, but after researching, I'm finding that it's fairly common to detect a "swooshing" sound in the heart. Have any of you encountered this at your pedi appointments yet? The Dr basically told us it could be nothing, but it wouldn't hurt to go to a specialist and get an ultrasound. Just curious if anyone else has dealt with this.

Re: Heart murmur?

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    I'm a cardiac ultrasound tech and I mostly scan pediatrics. Those murmurs are usually innocent and mean nothing or sometimes they're little holes in the heart that eventually close up and cause no harm. Of course there can sometimes be something more but if it was serious they would of detected it sooner. Try not to worry its usually nothing :)
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    My little guy had a murmur and saw a pediatric cardiologist. They did a heart ultrasound to rule out serious problems then said murmurs are very common because of the way a baby's heart develops. He said if it was still there at a year we'd re-evaluate but that it would probably go away on its own.
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