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Grossest diaper EVER

Abs got that silly wide eyed grin on her face and held her breath, so I knew something big was coming. Soaked through diaper onsie and pants. And boy did it wreak! I was gagging while taking it off and had to give her a bath afterward - the whole time she's smiling a cooing like its a game! Ha! She's ebf and haven't eaten anything weird so I'm stumped as to where this came from! So gross! Definitely not looking forward to solid poops after this ebf poop! Gag!

Re: Grossest diaper EVER

  • My Little guy has done that! Usually if has hadn't gone the day before! I have had it leak on to my leg! Had to bathe both of us! :-S
  • When my DD1 was around 3 months old I went to visit my family in AZ, on the way back out plane was delayed for about 3 hours. Anywho we get on the plane and in the middle of the flight she has the most explosive huge poop EVER... it was all up her back down her legs and onto me and my jeans. I was sitting next to 2 teen girls prob around 13 and they were laughing , I could have killed them. I got up to change her and someone offered to hold her while I go to the bathroom and I'm pretty sure I said something rude about how she is the reason We have to go to the bathroom, I felt bad afterwards . Can you imagine changing that kind of diaper in an airplane bathroom ?? I had to put the toilet seat down and change her there , then we both had poop stained clothes for the rest of the flight home...
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  • How long ago were her shots? My pedi said one of the shots (or maybe it was the oral) would give him really gross smelly poops.
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  • Pics or it didn't happen ;)

    Oh I've got pics. Ha! Sent them to hubs and told him he owes me for this one!

    And doesn't this fall under the no pics of your mp rule??
  • I see enough poop from my own baby, tyvm. I've experienced that kind of blow out. I had to clean poop out of little man's belly button once.
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  • helenkayj said:

    How long ago were her shots? My pedi said one of the shots (or maybe it was the oral) would give him really gross smelly poops.

    Her shots were a month ago. Was probably something I ate...
  • LO had a horrible diaper today. Worst smelling yet. Ugh.

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  • We get these a lot unfortunately. It's driving my desire to switch to cloth.
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