Nursing necklace

When to get one? Where? Which one? He's been grabbing and pulling my hair and my shirt while nursing. I have to pry his little fingers open to let go. Would the necklace help with this?
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Re: Nursing necklace

  • Wow I totally forgot about his lovey. I will have to get that out! It's been crazy around here and it spaced my mind
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  • I got mine from the KangarooCare shop on Etsy. I love them - I have 2 and DS loves them. He'll play with while nursing, in the Ergo or ring sling, or sitting on my lap. He can also chew on them, which definitely comes in handy.
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  • I give him his A&A security blanket. He holds it and falls asleep with it next to his face (it smells like me/milk) ...
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