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It's a girl. Or is it?

A/S was today. Baby was sitting criss-cross applesauce basically right over my cervix. The U/S tech said 70% sure it was a girl, but never really got a clear crotch shot. Other news was that he couldn't get a good shot of the kidneys or spine either, so I'll most likely have to go back in a week or two. Kind of a let-down as I didnt get to see the sex, and also don't have complete peace of mind from the a/s.
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Re: It's a girl. Or is it?

  • Maybe baby will co operate at your next appointment. At least you got to see your LO!


  • Hopefully 2nd time is the charm!

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  • Try the coke/oj trick if you didn't this time. Mine were wiggling all over. Hoping for good news at your next u/s!

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    I got a "probably female" I too will hold off in purchases just in case :)

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  • Bummer! Hope your next scan goes better!
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    My little girl was a TOTAL wiggle worm and the tech had a hard time getting a money shot. In the end, it was "as good as it gets". My girl apparently already knows to keep her legs closed...ha. I have a Level 2 u/s tomorrow and even though the tech gave no indication of doubt I want them to confirm tomorrow. I got some pink bath towels and a 3 pack of onesies on clearance, but I'm hesitant to buy anything more until its confirmed tomorrow. Then, after we share with the grandparents on Saturday, let the shopping begin!!!
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  • Darn babies who don't want to give up the goods! Hopefully you'll get the sex answer and some good shots of the spine and kidneys!
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  • Aww disappointing! Hopefully you get better shots next time!
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  • Aww, I'm sorry, that stinks! At least you will get to see the LO in another week or two again. 
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