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  • I'm due the 27th. A/S finally on 8/9, but waiting for reveal party 8/12 to actually find out. Getting anxious to find out, but I really just want affirmation that LO is doing ok. I've been having aching and occasional stomach pains so seeing doc tomorrow as a precaution.

    I don't think I have felt any flutters yet bc I don't know what to look for... Sometimes I think I feel something, but maybe I'm just imagining it be I want to feel movement so bad. :) :)
  • Due the 26th. Go back to the doctor tomorrow and will be scheduling the a/s then. Not finding out the gender, but still anxious to make sure every thing's okay. Although, we didn't find out about ds's club foot until he was born. The scan didn't catch it.
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  • Yes - great thread. I do feel like I'm so behind. My due date is Dec. 27th and my a/s is scheduled for August 5th! I can't wait - I'll be 19 weeks and 3 days!

  • Mine is tomorrow!

  • We are due the 22nd and we got to go today! :)
  • I bet the wait will b worth it tho.. I'm anxious to kno as well..I got in the 7th finally
  • We're due 12/26 and just had ours Tuesday. I couldn't bump or research anything because it was driving me nuts... Everything is, however, perfectly healthy!

    We stayed strong to our decision of Team Green! I have to admit that I was really paying attention when she measured the femur bones. I secretly hoped that she would zoom in too close and I would get a sneak peak.
  • I'm due 12/27 and our A/S is 8/8 but they are sealing it in an envelope for us to take directly to the bakery for our cake reveal on 8/10 that way we won't know the sex before any of our family. I'm going to be so anxious those 2 days just to find out but I know it'll be worth it. Here's hoping that LO is cooperative.
  • I'm due 12/31 and I haven't even scheduled my a/s yet. I have an appt this afternoon but it is just a check up. I will get to hear the heartbeat and that's awesome enough for now. We had an elective done at 16 weeks and are having a boy.

    I haven't felt any flutters yet. :( I'm sure they will be coming very soon
  • JillSandm said:

    Super glad to see a place for us late bloomers to post!  Let's make it a regular (weekly??) thing!

    Consider it done! :)
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  • I'm due 25th. Have my a/s booked for 7th aug, the day before my 30th birthday :) feels like forever away. Can't wait to find out everything's ok, and hopefully the sex. It's pretty scary feeling something one day and not the next, hurry up next weds I feel like I'm going crazy! 8-}
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