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Past Breastfeeding Moms - NO Sore boobs?

Hey Ladies,

So I breastfed my first until she was 9mo and last time I was so sore and my boobs got huge fast! So far I am 6w4d and have not had anything and my boobs are still super saggy and limp. When do they start getting huge again and firm? I miss my old ones!! HA!

Re: Past Breastfeeding Moms - NO Sore boobs?

  • I'm still breastfeeding my toddler but I am having pretty much no sore boobs to speak of. Maybe mild soreness if I poke them. They were really sore when I was pregnant with my first.
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  • Mine only look nice again when my milk comes in. :((

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  • I just stopped bf my baby in march, and I have almost zero tingles twiches or aches. Strange.cause my last pregnancy was full of boob aches.
  • I stopped breast feeding in February and haven't had ANY pains either.

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    Just stopped nursing last month at 27 months. Absolutely no breast soreness this time around. The first time around they were extremely sore.
  • I'm still breastfeeding my toddler but I am having pretty much no sore boobs to speak of. Maybe mild soreness if I poke them. They were really sore when I was pregnant with my first.
    Same here.
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  • Still nursing before bed, but have had zero soreness this time around. Last time with DS I remember being very sore and sensitive!
  • I actually have the opposite this time. I had zero breast pain when i was PG with my girls, BFed for 15months, and this time around they hurt more. Especially when I get elbowed in the chest by a toddler :P
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  • Mine weren't sore at all my second pregnancy. I didn't get the porn star tatas that I'd had the first time around, either. This time, they've been sore and have grown some, but are still saggy and sad. I'm pretty sure that the 36 months that I've spent BFing so far have permanently deflated them.
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  • I'm still breastfeeding and mine have yet to inflate again, haha.  They aren't nearly as sore as they were the first time around either, although my nips are a little sore.

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  • Wow I guess we are all in the same boat. I was wondering if I was the only one. Thanks ladies for all the comments.
  • I BF my son until 12m. The reason I actually took HPT this time was because my boobs felt like they were filling with milk and that I would need to feed. Which I thought was so weird. Sure enough the test was positive. Since the. My boobs go from sore to not sore and heavy to deflated lol. But they have gotten at least half a cup size bigger. I am falling out of my bras, time to go shopping!
    My boobs never got huge last time and I never had a firm, full of milk feeling until after he was born (about 5 days).
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  • Hahaha.  I'm 7w1d and mine have been sore since before I got a bfp and I feel like they're huge.  Like porn star boobs lol
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  • I'm still nursing a couple of times a day and have have almost no changes. My nips are a little more sore when she latches, but that's all. When I was pregnant with her they got big fast and hurt a lot. I would love it if this means that nursing a newborn won't hurt as much this time, but I'm pretty sure that's just dreaming.
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  • No soreness this time. I honestly can't remember if I did last time, but my boobs still look pretty sad and deflated.
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  • I am still nursing my 22 month old... with my 1st pregnancy, my boobs blew up like huge baloons before I even got my BFP and they were SO sore... this time, nothing besides a little nipple pain... I miss the nice big boobs.... 
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  • stefakneestefaknee
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    sigh, i've been nursing since august '07.  (5mo break in there..)  they never got firm again, lol.  just hard once full of milk with a newborn :P

    No pain though! I'm still nursing my 2 1/2 year old.
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  • I just quit nursing my toddler in June. No soreness here either. My Dr. seemed surprised when I told her they didn't hurt. I do have some nipple tenderness that I only notice in the shower,  but no pain like last time.
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  • This part of pregnancy is when I look my best, lol. Boobs aren't saggy and no belly yet. :) I'm 9 weeks, but by 7 I had already gone up 2 cup sizes and Hurt soooo bad. Now my nipples get tingly when I hear a baby cry (though that could be in my head?) I haven't nursed in 4 years though.
  • Me too! Makes me feel more normal that it is apparently somewhat common! Mine were also sore and huge pretty fast. I got pregnant right when I was weaning (bf for 14 months) and nothing really so far this time. My boobs are a good cup smaller than before I got pg. But I was a DD before so its nice that they feel manageable!
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  • This is my 2nd, breastfed my first until around 9 months as well. I am about 7 weeks today, and my boobs just started inflating and getting sore the past few days.


  • I BF DS until he was 11 months old (about 7 months ago) and no boob tenderness for me this go around.  Last time that was my most prominent symptom

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  • I stopped bf when DD was 6 months old which was around november and my boobs arent sore or anything which is completely different from my pregnancy with DD


  • I stopped BF the very beginning of June. My boobs are saggy and the smallest they have ever been sans when I started wearing a bra! They hurt so bad and got huge when I was pregnant with DS. This time, nothing.
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