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Okay, so this is my second pregnancy. Last time I choose into an epidural and had it at a 7. I really got a feel for labor, but at the time I was super scared of actually going full natural. This time I'm completely considering it! What does everyone think? It is scary, but is it really as bad is you believe? What are good tips for deciding if it is right for you? What are things that worked and didn't work? Also, last time I had an episiotomy that was almost the full cut, (sorry TMI) I'm worried that I'll need one again, I'm a very petite person... How does that work without being numb... I really would rather not tear! Thanks! :)

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  • More power to ya! Give me drugs!  MY SIL has had 4 kids - all natural, and my best friend has had 3 - also all natural.  I think that with it being your 2nd pregnancy it "should" be quicker.  1st one I've heard is the longest labor.  So you have that going for you! Good luck!!
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  • No insight as I'm a FTM but this concept scares the shit out of me! lol
  • I love giving birth! It's the most amazing, magical feeling! Ya, it hurts like hell but it won't be forever. I had all 3 of mine natural, but I was lucky enough to have very short labors, my first one was about 6 hours, my other two I just hung out at home until I couldn't take it any longer. My last one was born an hour after getting to the hospital. My saving grace was always the bathtub, I didn't have a water birth but I definitely hung out in the tub until it was time to push. I'm sure if my labors would have been longer I would have been singin a different tune, but it works for me.:)
  • No advice from experience, but I had an epidural with pitocin at 6 cm last time (I had really wanted to go natural but didn't make it...) and I would really like to do it this time... Good luck to you!
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  • My first was pitocin and epidural it wa terrible. My second I was going all natural and it ended in a emergency csection. Sigh. I feel like im limited to another csec wih number3
  • When I announced my pregnancy at my ILs Thanksgiving dinner. DH's cousin explained to me about this traumatic birth and how her epidural didn't work and she was blindsided because she didn't know how to deal with the "pain". I went home determine not to have a traumatic birth and more research I did the more I learned that less intervention the better. I was determined but I knew that once pain became suffering I would go for some sort of pain management and once we found out DS was posterior was the turning point for me. I think that this time around there will be no reason why I can't do med free but the same time when pain becomes suffering... I also look back and wish I would have kept walking and moving about. I was stuck on a birthing ball for awhile...
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  • My first labor was fairly quick, I was in the hospital over night so they could get me effaced, labor started sometime while I was sleeping... Around 6am I woke around 7am and gave birth at 11:16. I kept saying not yet to the epidural, but I was moving along super fast. My contractions were right on top of each other! I took a bath, and that was amazing! Later they can in and I was at 7cm up from 5cm! They told me if I wanted the epidural it would have to be now, I hadn't had a birth plan to do natural so I was too scared to actually go through with it. I had the epidural probably for about an hour, and only pushed for 5 mins if that.

    I think this is all good signs of natural birth going fast! I love labor and delivery as well, to me it was amazing and beautiful, and yes painful as well, but it was my favorite thing last time! If I can stay in the tub most of the time I think it would be awesome!
  • I was in labor for 32 hours with my first. I stalled at about 5cm I was 16 hours in. So they gave me pitocin and that got everything going. I was able to do the rest with out any drugs. It hurt like no other. But, I enjoyed every minute of it. I felt great afterwards. I will say that DH and I took Bradley classes and I honestly believe that if I had not received some kind of training I would have asked for the epidural. I am happy I did it med-free. I did tear and I had no problem with it afterwards. She numbed me up after for the stitches. I think this is such a personal decision though. I say try it, and worst case scenario you decide to get the epidural. I always say go into labor with an open mind, because you never know what may happen.
    Good Luck!
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  • I had an epi, but unless you're really against drugs which I know some people are, I just don't see the point.  There are a lot of crappy things we have to do, so if I can reduce my pain and discomfort level, I'm going to do it.
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  • I can't help you out on the episiotomy question. I'm petite as well and only tore a tiny bit, but every person and birth is different.

    I'd recommend taking birth classes that focus on natural birth. If possible, have your hubby/significant other come with you, because you'll forget a lot of it. ;) I also LOVED having a doula. Since you've been through birth before, you might not feel the need of one quite as strongly, but I still recommend looking into it. Also ... midwives are awesome. I know there are some great OBs out there too, but I think midwives are seriously underrated. Whatever you choose, find someone who is highly supportive of your choice. I went with a midwife at a birth center separate from the hospital. There was no option of pain meds there, which made it a lot easier not to give up! ;)

    My labor was 40 hours (39.5 if you want to get technical) and I am not the most pain-tolerant person. You can totally do this!
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    I decided to have a med-free/no unneccessary interventions birth after watching my sister birth my niece. She had every intervention in the book and her birth experience was downright scary.

    I did a lot of research and weighed the pros and cons and decided to use the Bradley method. I had a fantastic experience. I really think it was because I was prepared. I knew what was normal and when medical interventions were needed. I also chose a very pro med-free birth provider who was fantastic.

    I labored at home almost the whole time with constant check-ins with my midwife and showed up at the hospital at 10 cm. I was there for less than a 1/2 hour before he was born. I had a tiny tear that was my fault because I pushed when the midwife told me to slow down. Recovery was super easy.

    We are seriously considering a home birth this time around.

    My advice to everyone who is pregnant is to educate yourself. You don't have to go med-free, but it really helps to know what your body is going through and what is normal and what is cause for concern and interventions.
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  • I had my dtr natural not intentional btw. But seems like as I started pushing the did do some local lidocaine to numb me for the cut. My plans are to go natural again but we shall see.
  • I delivered DS with an epidural and had the most peaceful, serene L & D you can imagine. Recovery was a breeze. I had an episiotomy and never had any pain.

    Along came DD, my freight train who arrived minutes after I darkened the hospital doors. No drugs, no stirrups, no DH, no sanity on my part at all. I lost my head, birthing classes be damned. I remember laying there screaming and thinking to myself, "Oooohh, so THAT'S what the ring of fire feels like." I had another episiotomy with DD. I had no idea I'd been cut until they told me they needed to stitch me back up. They cut my vag with scissors and I hadn't even felt it - that's how much pain I was in. Since I needed stitches, I had to be numbed in my nether regions. I felt every single stick of that needle, and then felt the needle and thread when the doc got too close to the edge of the numbed area. Recovery sucked and was slow and painful.

    I would opt for an epidural in a heartbeat to avoid that experience again. I know not everyone has a hard time like I did, but I'm literally terrified to give birth again and there's no way I'll go sans epi if I have the choice! I do, however, have a good friend who had very similar birthing experiences and she much preferred her natural L & D to her her medicated one.
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  • I am definitely planning to have a natural birth. I do not want any interventions at all and will only consider something if absolutely necessary. I can't imagine that I would ever consent to an episiotomy. I trust my body and would much rather risk a tear than a potential unnecessary cut. I had a c-section without laboring last time. DH and I plan to either take Bradley or hypnobabies classes to prepare for a natural birth.

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  • I went natural with my daughter. I was dead set on it and I have a real hard time backing down. I also have a high tolerance for pain though.

    I can't brag and don't feel that proud of myself, and this is why: if I could have received my meds after 8/9 cm I more than likely would have caved. 0-8 cm was a cake walk... It hurt, there's no denying that, but I remember thinking "this can't be what women get so worked up about, can it?" Then it got bad, fast. Contractions came one of top of another. I would barely get past a peak and a new one was starting up. I was checked, 8cm. I swear I could see the doctor's head exiting the room when my body starting pushing on it's own. We called the doctor back in, he checked and I had already hit 10cm so I pushed. If that point of labor had lasted any longer I would have begged for an epi. I'm glad I didn't have time though, because in the end I did it natural as I wanted.

    The biggest reason I wanted to go natural was because I wanted the entire experience. I wanted to feel what was happening to my body, and I wanted to be fully alert during the delivery and when I held her first.

    My best advice is to remember the light at the end of the tunnel. "One contraction down," "soon I will see my baby," "and this pain is for a good cause" were all thoughts that kept me strong.

    Good luck!
  • I had a natural birth.. but did it in water.  I could not of done it laying on my back in a hospital bed.  You really need to be able to move freely and take advantage of a birthing ball - walking - whatever.

    If you are set on it, a doula is a GREAT way to help you.  Even if you get an epidural, the doula is worth the $$.
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  • I could never give birth without an epi unless I had absolutely no choice due to timing. From start to finish DS's birth took 8 hours and the epi was amazing. I had two second degree tears and an episiotomy and can't imagine not having drugs when those were stitched up!
  • I had a natural birth with my son not really by choice.  More because the a-hole doctor that was on  wouldn't bother to check me because  she "didn't think I could be that far along".

    On that note by husband told me I was similar to his psych patients.  I was totally naked and would not keep monitors on me and such.  It was great!  :)

    With that said as soon as I pushed him out I was ready to get up! 

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    I am being followed by a midwife and where I live, if you see a midwife, you do not have the option of epidural.  I'm a bit nervous, and I"m sure I'll be more nervous as it gets closer, but I'm very confident in my reasons, and I know that I'll still be confident when I deliver.  

    I had a scary experience with the epidural last time, ended up getting an episiotomy because DS' shoulder was stuck on my pelvis and the doc had to reach in and unhook it.  I was in terrible pain for a week after birth and couldn't sit even for a few moments without pain.  I also had agonizing back pain where the epidural was placed and numb patches on my body for months after birth, that were caused by the epidural.

    Overall, the meds just were not worth what followed for me.  From what I've read of birth stories and other info, I think if I tear this time, it will be along my episiotomy scar. I've also seen a lot of women say they didn't even notice they had torn until after baby was out.  But I would much rather tear naturally than to get another episiotomy.  That was one thing last time that I was very much against, but when it came down to it, they had to pull DS out.

    (Also, they will give you a lidocaine injection to numb you before doing stitches if you do tear.)
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  • I did an unmediated birth with my first. I loved being able to walk, use the showers or tubs and not be hooked up to a monitor.
    It hurt, but it was barable. I however progressed quickly and didn't require an induction which I think makes a huge difference. I plan to have the same type of labour again, if possible.
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  • Stowne101 said:

    I had a natural birth with my son not really by choice.  More because the a-hole doctor that was on  wouldn't bother to check me because  she "didn't think I could be that far along".

    On that note by husband told me I was similar to his psych patients.  I was totally naked and would not keep monitors on me and such.  It was great!  :)

    With that said as soon as I pushed him out I was ready to get up! 

    Lol, your husband sounds like such a sweetie. ;) I was completely naked too, but I didn't have any monitors on me and I was all over the place . . . standing, on the birthing ball, in the tub, on the bed. I don't know how I would have coped with the pain if I hadn't been able to change positions.
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  • I vote drugs! ! ! Have you ever asked a new mom to describe the pain right after she gives birth? I believe there is truth to the baby amnesia. One friend said it felt like Lucifer had been let loose in her body before she was given her epidural. Another said, " I was silently screaming in my head, please let me die." ... She did it naturally but seemed to forget this experience and did it again naturally.
  • If you are considering it, and think you can handle it, I would encourage you to do so. For me, it was empowering, it showed me what my body was capable of. There is nothing more natural than giving birth, (other than making the baby, lol) and feeling it all just reminds you of how strong you are. I love being able to say that I delivered my firstborn sans pain medication.

    That being said, it hurts like hell, I blacked out twice from the pain, and I would never do it again. I'm very glad that I experienced it as it should be once, but I called in advance for my second and made sure my ob had the "happy dr" waiting in my room for me. I wa torn, then cut (still talking sans meds) and they wouldn't even let me hold the baby unassisted once she was born bc I was sooo exhausted and shaking from the trauma of 26 hours of labor. Not trying to scare you, just giving my experience. I encourage everyone to do it once. But nothing anyone says will prepare you for it. Good luck! :)
  • This is my first pregnancy, I am scared but do plan to do a natural birth as have a high pain threashold. My mother had sweet labours. I was first and it only lasted an hour total, the longest if her 5 kids was a 6 hour labour, all done naturally. I am hoping for similar! But we will all have to all see how it goes on the day to a certain extent I think! Good luck ladies :D
  • My first time around was horrific. I had an epidural early but I COULD feel intense pressure/stretching/tearing when I delivered. I had 4th degree tears. No doctor. No episiotomy. Recovery took over a year. I wish I had a different experience. I dont even remeber holding my son for the first time. BUT If you feel like you can do it, I say go for it! There seems to be lots of woman with positive experiences and lots of good advice! This girl is sparing her lady parts this time around X_X
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  • Well, I don't have any problems with mess, like some my reason for natural birth is the experience! I loved my epidural last time, it was rainbows, unicorns and sprinkles hahaha ;) I'm one of those women though who love that we are lucky enough to make life! I really want to at least once, do what our bodies are made for! To me the body is a miraculous thing! If it comes down to some complications, I will do what the baby needs over anything.

    Thank you for all the advice, I'm pretty set on using an OB and being in a hospital, but I'm now really considering delivery in water! I know a doula too so I'll look into that! If you have more comments feel free. I just wanted to say thanks for everything so far, it has been great! I think my sweet husband is getting a bit freaked out about the natural part though haha :)
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