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Anyone used an Ergo before?

I ordered a Petunia Picklebottom one from Zulily and it came today. I'm not gonna lie, I tried it on with my 4 year old in it as soon as it got here (weight limit is 45 pounds). It didn't feel like I was carrying any extra weight at all!

Anyway, it says it's good for nursing in. Have any of you done this with your other LOs? I EBF'd both of my kids, but never mastered the art of walking while nursing. I'm just curious if the Ergo really is easy to use while nursing - especially when you add the infant insert, which I'll buy at some point before the LO gets here.
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Re: Anyone used an Ergo before?

  • I've never tried the nursing thing but I do love my Ergo. It's so comfortable and easy to use.
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  • I have a Boba which is similar, and totally awesome. I haven't tried nursing in it. I have nursed successfully in a ring sling and a wrap though. Never perfected it enough to multi-task though... this time I'll have to though.
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  • I have the ergo and really like it but didn't use it as my as I thought I would, I think I probably will once I have a toddler and newborn. The infant insert made it pretty awkward to use, it was much more comfy once I no longer needed it. Having said that, I never used it for nursing. I had a lot of problems with nursing, so it would not have been an option.
  • We loved our Ergo when DD was younger and now have a similar toddler size carrier. We also love our woven wraps, which are like a Moby but shorter and not stretchy so it's safe to use for back carries too. So easy! I wasn't able to nurse DD so I'm no help there, but I know other mamas who have. They just loosen the strap on whatever side baby is nursing on and pull their breast up a bit.

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  • I have a Beco Butterfly, so close.. I am still able to nurse my 2 1/2 year old in it.  Works well.
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  • I love our Ergo.  We didn't use it much w/ the infant insert, but once DS hit about 6 months, we started using it all of the time.  I still use it.  And I absoultey nursed in it - people couldn't even tell w/ the hood up.  (Seriously, I have pix of me on vacation on the Cliffs of Moher nursing and you can't even tell)
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  • I have an ergo that I loved and still use!  I know you're supposed to be able to nurse in it, but I never tried.  It seemed to awkward to me.  I'd have had to reposition the baby to get them to my boob and then I might as well just sit down and nurse with a blanket or whatever.
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