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6w3d U.S. pic!

It looks like mickey mouse to me! haha I was so excited to see that little heart flicker that I kinda zoned out as she was explaining what we were looking at! Any help?? :) The heart was in the top left little dot

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Re: 6w3d U.S. pic!

  • Awwwwww!!! I know theres the sac, and something else ... lol I'm no help
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  • I think the actual baby looks like he/she is on top of the yolk sac. Baby is facing toward the wall because the umbilical cord is attached. So since heart was on the top left then the head would be on the left and feet on the top right.


  • wow thanks, i actually think that might be close to what she said..i can totally see it haha, so whether or not that's right, that's what i'm goin' with!
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