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Just went in to a specialist about my hyperthyroidism, he put me on two medications which he says are safe for pregnancy but the pharmacy tags say they could both be harmful to a fetus. Ugh I am bummed I have to be on these! I think the benifits out way the risks but still hate to have to take any risk.

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  • That is strange.  Did you read the fine print on the medication information pamphlet or ask the pharmacist about it?  Wishing you H&H pregnancy!


  • I know how you feel, I had to take Acyclovir for shingles during weeks 3-4. Somehow getting pregnant "awakened" the chickenpox virus in me and along came shingles. Anyway, I was very nervous to take the medication as it is Category B but the doctor said it was safe. I read the pamphlet too and it said there is a risk and the benefit should outweigh the risk. If I hadn't taken the medication I could've had lingering pain for months - years and, my friends, shingles pain is no joke. I took it for 7 days and finished last Friday. I just hope and pray there was no damage. My first appt is Aug 9th. Praying for both of our LO's safety!

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  • Yea dr says if the thyroid problem goes untreated that it can have harmful effects on baby and can lead to miscarriage so right now I have to trust in the dr that the medicine will benefit baby more than harm
  • Maybe ask the pharmacist for clarification? I'm on synthroid for my thyroid and it's completely safe.
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