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Messing with my paif brain. Reassurance?

So this must be the IF sneaking into my PAIF brain that simply cannot relax and enjoy being pregnant. I don't know why I am so nervous about m/c. Not just any m/c, MISSED m/c. I know it is a very real fear and a valid concern. I don't have any symptoms to suggest a m/c, but I know this does not stop a missed m/c, and I have my first OB appt tomorrow. I guess I'm just afraid of the worst thing happening, which is to lose both of my bebes. I'm weaning off of my meds, since I will be 10 weeks in a few days. I'm feeling kind of crazy, I don't know why or how I am doing this to myself. Thanks for reading my nonsense.

On 10/23/13 Baby Sophie and Baby Gabriel born at 21+5 weeks. They grew wings and flew away from us. May God bless them always. We love you beans!
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Re: Messing with my paif brain. Reassurance?

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    Oh yeah, it's the PAIF brain!  I'm a bit earlier than you, but every.single.time, I fret and worry that the next blood draw or ultrasound will be bad news.  I still feel like it's coming and haven't really enjoyed being pregnant yet.  Try to enjoy it and hopefully the worrying will subside or shift focus to a new set of worries that comes with parenthood!
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    I am right there with you. Every twinge or cramp just has me on edge. I wish I could relax and enjoy this pregnancy.


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    I felt that way until the NT Scan. Now I'm nice and calm. Hang in there a few more weeks and you'll see your LO and feel relief.
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    RoeniRoeni member
    Feel the same way. And with good reason since I lost one last time and this time. Now I wonder how long this baby will last. I'm nervous for my US tomorrow and first OB appt Friday
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    i think its sooo normal for us PAIF gals to feel like this.  i'm over 13 weeks and still worried about each and every appointment.  i heard it gets a little easier when you can start feeling the baby/babies for reassurance.  
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    I still feel like this when I haven't felt him move very often. I will say a doppler in early pregnancy kept me sane. I have a singleton, so I don't know if this would help with two but I listened to my little one almost daily up until recently when he started kicking me in the ribs.

    Hope the anxiety eases. We all understand where you're coming from.

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    A missed m/c is the biggest fear I have right now as well.  Our first u/s went well and we saw a h/b.  this Friday I have another one and I am terrified of seeing nothing.  It is def PAIF brain, and I hope that it calms down ~for all of us!~ sooner rather than later.

    I feel like I am "pretending" at being excited a lot of the time, but it's the closest I can come right now!  GL and I hope your upcoming appt. gives you some good news and eases your mind!

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    I hope so too. I'm sorry that any of us have this on our minds. Thanks for all the support!
    On 10/23/13 Baby Sophie and Baby Gabriel born at 21+5 weeks. They grew wings and flew away from us. May God bless them always. We love you beans!
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    Phoebe Jaslene born at 19w3d. We love you beba! Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

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    I'm almost 30 weeks and still feel this way! I had a missed m/c with this baby's twin after hearing the hb and it totally caused anxiety for me. I finally broke down and went to a therapist and she was awesome! Helped me realize that I have more intuition into my body than I realize and I am able to feel the difference between PAIF anxiety and when there's something really wrong. It's kept me sane these last several months.

    I chose not to use a Doppler, only because of my anxiety, I found myself stressing and obsessing more about hearing something or not, or is that mine, etc.

    Hang in there, you're definitely not alone!!
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    I've felt like this before nearly every single appointment I've had so far! I think most of us PAIFers go through waves of emotion like this, and I'm not sure when/if it gets better. I started feeling a lot better after my first OB appointment, but I still get a little crazy from time to time!

    Hopefully you'll get a good look at your babies at your OB appointment and start feeling more confident in your body and comfortable with your pregnancy very soon!
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