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Hi ladies.  I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with my second child and would like to give breastfeeding a shot this time around.  Due to a severely complicated delivery with my first, I was unable to breastfeed her and my milk never fully came in.  I pumped for about a week (with no results) and then had more health complications due to the issues at delivery, which ultimately required me to use formula.

Does anyone have (or have experience with) inverted nipples?  They are definitely severely inverted and not flat.  I have been reading up on preparation before delivery and saw many articles mentioning breast shells.  Has anyone used these with success and if so, when did you start using them?  I also plan to purchase an electric Medela pump that I will bring to the hospital.  

Any advice would be most appreciated.  Thanks!



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    I have inverted nipples and the shells worked really well, in combination with pumping. I saw a LC in the hospital and was prescribed an hospital grade pump for a month for free because of inverted nipples. I have been successfully EBF since my son was born, so it is definitely possible with inverted nipples. I would make sure to work with a LC to help you. Good luck!

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  • Just my left nipple was inverted, I started using the nipple shield immediately in the hospital, and i got DS to latch about 1 week PP without the shield for the first time.. he has been EBF ever since and is 2 weeks today
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  • I've been using nipple shields since day one and they work great for us - I still haven't mastered feeding without making a milky mess but at least my LO is being fed : )
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  • I used a nipple shield from day one. By seven weeks, my nipples had been pulled out enough that I was able to wean off the shield. Only down fall was that I had to go through the pain of getting new calluses again. I've now been ebf for four months!
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  • I have one slightly inverted nipple.  I used the shells in the beginning and they did help some.  They would help draw the nipple out a bit but it inverted again pretty quickly.  I ended up not using them much.  The best thing I did was work with a good LC.  We worked on getting LO to latch well and making a nipple sandwich for her as much in her mouth as possible.  My LC runs a weekly support group so I went every week until LO was 4 months old.  It was a huge help because she would re-check the latch and we could talk about any issues I had.  Over time LO has drawn the nipple out and it is more flat now.  GL!
  • Thank you all very much.  I appreciate the input and suggestions.  It's helpful to know I'm not the only one out there that has this difficulty.  I'll keep my fingers crossed and try to remain positive.  :)



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