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We named our daughter that we lost Kayla Kathryn, and if this one is another girl we'll likely reuse the middle name because it was after my mom, and it would be a happy coincidence that she could share her middle name with her sister.  But if it had been just an old name that we liked, we would pick a new one.  But people keep asking me....if this one is a girl, you could invert it, so Kathryn Kayla.....or do a play on Kayla like Kaylee or Kaylan.  One person even asked if we'll name the new baby Kayla Kathryn.  For crying out loud people, they are people, not dogs!  My kids are not going to be Kayla #1 and Kayla #2.  For that reason alone, I hope this one is a boy.  People amaze me sometimes.

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  • I hate when people try to name other people's babies.  Not cool.
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  • ugh! Not cool! Everyone seems to have an opinion about EVERYTHING when you get pregnant.
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  • So not cool!! I hate that everyone feels entitled to an opinion when it comes to baby names. I love the idea of sharing the middle name! 
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  • Omg people suck. You know better than them obviously because they didn't go through a loss. But seriously people need to think about what they're saying before they speak.

    Of course your children deserve their own identities!!! Yes using a middle name that has meaning makes sense but just playing mix n match doesn't.
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  • People amaze me with insensitivity!! They need to check their opinions at the door. It can still be sensitive issue. I wish you the best snag that they keep their mouths in the closed position
  • People are so stupid.  It's your choice, and their opinions were neither requested nor appreciated.  I am sorry.  ((hugs))

  • We had a stillborn last summer and If we were having another boy we were going to use the same mn as well . I think it's a nice tribute to the baby you lost!! His mn was Alexander (we're having a girl this time) but had considered a variation of it for a girl as well. Good luck with everything & I hope u have more patience with ignorant people this pregnancy than I have ;)
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