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Met our doula...hopefully!

So these past two weeks I've been researching the whole doula thing...I watched "business of being born" and was hooked on idea of alternative pain relief, well at least trying alternative first.  After realizing that a doula can be used for hospital deliveries as well, I started to research local doulas.  Come to find out, I'm behind on this game.  Most doulas responded full for December already, going on vacation for the holidays, or not interested in December work.  BUT I found a doula that wanted to meet us first before deciding whether to add us to her December roaster.  She had great reviews and does placenta capsule services as well.  My husband who is a firm believer in hospital births only, was trying to be open minded of the costly service.  Well we met her yesterday and we both LOVED her services, experience, and knowledgeable information about our OBGYN and delivery hospital. 

I'm a first time mom, so I can use all the help I can get, other than online reviews and stats.  It seemed she enjoyed us as well, as looks like if we agree, she is willing to add us to her December services.  She gave us a lot of homework to do, regarding our OBGYN and maybe considering changing her due to "white or black" outlook on things.  I'm excited and feel better about some of my worries of labor and delivery.  I am really excited to be able to do a lot more alternative pain relief in my home prior to hospital.  I know its a extra cost, but I'm willing to budget for it and also it helps me feel that I'm trying to do all I can for a beautiful birthing experience. I know that all be wiped away in a second but it feels good to know we will have someone experienced on our natural birthing side, as some ONGYNs have their own things going on.  I did a lot of research and cost for doulas in Los Angeles run $600-1800 and the placenta capsule services not everyone does service and I found it for $250. 

Anyone else doing having a doula for hospital delivery? doing anything with their placenta?

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Re: Met our doula...hopefully!

  • Funny you should post this....I just watched The Business of Being Born tonight with DH, and it got both of our brains pumping with ideas.  :)  I haven't done any research for myself yet, but congrats on finding a doula!
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  • We had a doula with the birth if my first and paid between 600 and 700 in Los Angeles. I'm not certain we will have one this time, but it was great and helpful for achieving a med free birth. I also really liked having her there as support for my DH. I was in "labor land" and honestly recall very little, but she was a great resource for him and not money that we regretted spending. It is very important that you find someone you both click with, so congrats in that!!
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