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From terrible bloat to starving in the course of 15 minutes

It's a never-ending cycle. One minute I'm hungry, so I eat something then for the next few hours I'm in bloat agony. Lather, rinse, repeat. My stomach has never been great under normal circumstances. Throw in all the pregnancy hormones and it's ten times worse. The m/s queasiness on top of it doesn't help but that has eased up a bit (a very small bit).

Sorry, just need to vent a little. Feeling lousy for so long really starts to wear on you.

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Re: From terrible bloat to starving in the course of 15 minutes

  • yup...mine is about the same. Today I actually have an appetite, but if I eat too much or too quickly my stomach gets super upset. 

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  • OMG! Me too! My stomach is always. Growling for food! But when I eat I get full fast
  • Totally agree! Frustrating. The worst is when my stomach growls as soon as I get in bed
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    I wake up in the morning starving b/c I don't eat much for dinner. Then I have breakfast and the whole cycle starts again!

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  • Me, too!  I have to eat every few hours or my tummy gets totally grouchy.  I've started eating the minute that I hear it grumble because if I wait too long, I lose my appetite and then it's all down hill from there.

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  • I'm totally in the same boat! IF I can gather an appetite and eat, I feel miserable afterwards. Not to mention, I get full so FAST. Please hurry 2nd tri!

  • Speaking of eating - now I want lucky charms!  Which would no doubt make me bloated, nauseous and miserable :)
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  • I'm the same way.  I was talking to the nurse about this last time I was there.  I will be completely nauseous or full and then IMMEDIATELY be starving - there is no in-between
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  • Me too! I'm trying to eat smaller meals so I don't feel so miserable after but it'a hard to stop eating once I start.
  • It's been the same here. I wake up starving, then by the time I get to breakfast I can only eat a few bites. & it goes on all day. Then the second I lay in bed I get heartburn & hunger pains all at once. 

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  • This is definitely me too! And usually I'm switching between the 2 and rarely does my stomach feel ok. I tried eating smaller meal and that helps to make the bloat not feel so bad, but I still manage to feel bloated.
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  • Same boat, ish.. I get so hungry I think I'm literally starving to death, (I don't wait to eat either, it comes on quick) but I go to eat and seriously 5 bites later and I'm stuffed, 30 mins later starving to death again, I feel like something is stealing all my food... Oh wait.. ;) Jk! That is my cycle, but when I do finally eat more than 5 bites I bloat up so bad I feel like I'm already 5 months prego! It doesn't help that my husband and I moved into my in-laws for three weeks why we get ready to move out of state, my mother in-law prides herself in cooking and I can barely eat it hahaha. Good thing I only half a week and a half before the move, then I will be too far away to offend her anymore :)
  • I was just getting ready to post about this same thing. It is super frustrating. I'm a girl that loves to eat and when I think about all of this food that I usually enjoy, all I feel is grossed out. I feel like I can't find ANYTHING to calm my growling stomach because EVERYTHING sounds disgusting. I eat a little of something and then I'm immediately full, but not satisfied.. As I type this there is a reese's peanut butter cup sitting next to me. It's been there for over an hour and I still can't even stomach opening it.  :(( Come back, normal appetite....I miss you. 
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  • There is no rhyme or for mine pangs. If I don't eat my tummy makes an amazing noise like predator. My dh didn't believe me till 15 minutes ago it did it. My bil jumpedhe didn't know what came in the room and my dh wore my water after I spit it everywhere I laughed so hard
  • So glad I'm not alone! I was starting to think I'm crazy! Hungry, try to eat, feel nauseated after only a few bites, wait and hour, hungry again! This is also a terrible cycle for my prenatal! Sometimes I have to skip it all together :-(
  • amybug13 said:

    I'm totally in the same boat! IF I can gather an appetite and eat, I feel miserable afterwards. Not to mention, I get full so FAST. Please hurry 2nd tri!

    I am exactly the same. I can't.... It's so uncomfortable.
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