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Anxious first timer

I'm 5 weeks and super nervous. First off this is my first time being pregnant and second I just got promoted two months ago and I worried about telling my boss I'm pregnant. Any advice???

Re: Anxious first timer

  • You don't have to tell your boss right away. Just enjoy this time. I remember being anxious during my first pregnancy, it's natural. 
    Started TTC January 2012
    BFP #1 1/26/13; EDD 10/5/13; MMC and D&C 2/26/13. 
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    BFP #3 8/24/15; EDD 4/29/16; MC 9/6/15
    BFP #4 10/31/15; EDD 7/10/16 MC 1/23/16 

  • This is my first pregnancy too.  I have hard a hard time not freaking out.  I just found out that I got a job that will have to take me across the country for a few days and I am nervous about morning sickness and the genera stress of traveling.

    I have been using this app "Positive Pregnancy" everyday to keep my anxiety in check.  It is a meditation and it has been keeping me positive for the most part.  Good Luck!!
  • First time being pregnant and feeling pretty anxious too!!
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