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breastfed and weight gain

Just wondering on average,  how many oz should a newborn gain each week? My lo was born at 7lbs 3oz. The last 2 weeks, she's gaindd a pound a week. She was 9lbs12oz this morning. Im really happy my breastmilk is satisfying...I was just curious. She seems to be very hungry latley and I feed when she's hungry...just dont wanna overfeed bc sometimes she pukes afterwards. Thanks!



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Re: breastfed and weight gain

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    Ive been told by numerous lactation consultants and our pediatrician that it's pretty much impossible to over feed when breast feeding since the baby controls the amount he/she is consuming. My dd has been gaining approx one pound per week since she got back to birth weight.
  • My dd has issues gaining- so I have been told at a minimum they should be gaining 20g a day or 3.5 oz a week. Not sure if Theresa maximum.
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  • If you are just breastfeeding, not offering bottles, I would not worry about it. Like pp said, baby controls the intake. If you are bottle feeding and she is puking after, I would rethink the amount you're giving her. I think I read the average breastfed baby gains 5 to 6 oz per week, however some may gain more and some gain less.
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  • My baby gained 14 ounces per week the last two weeks... My dr said it was great! I wouldn't worry.
  • i've been told by my LC .5-1 ounce a day is how much they should gain.
  • 5-8oz per week for bf babies.

  • i've been told by my LC .5-1 ounce a day is how much they should gain.

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  • Could be a growth spurt. My kids have always wanted to nurse nonstop during growth spurts
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  • Draven was 6 pd 1 oz at birth. He lost a few oz. afterwards. We brought him home on Fri, the 19th and by Monday, he was back to his birthweight of 6 pd 1 oz. Just took him today to the doc and he is at 8 pds 2 oz but boy, he has been wanting to eat every hour or two! Def. a growth spurt I didn't expect so soon! 
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  • My pedi said an ounce per day in the first two weeks. My guy gained two and is EBF.
  • That is amazing weight gain! If your LO is throwing up or spitting up, try burping her every few minutes. That might not work for you, but my DD seems to spit up a lot more when she takes in a lot at one time, it seems that burping her every few minutes, then putting her back on the breast until she's done, helps with that. 
  • Spitting up could just be a disagreement with something you are eating as well.  DS doesn't tolerate caffeine, so if I have a cup of full caff coffee he will spit up.  Seems to tolerate half caff thank goodness.

    DS was 8 lb at birth, 9 lb 2 oz at 2 weeks and I suspect that at 3 1/2 weeks today he's gained another pound or so.  He seems to be growing fast! 

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  • Breastfeeding babies can be very chubby;) my girl was 8.9 lbs at birth and at 2 months she's 14.8! My son was a chub too. Both only ebf. But he's now 2 1/2 and skinny, in 50th percentile. Dd is in 95th percentile for weight but she will skinny out. Your doing great
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