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Fantastic news and advice needed (Warning: may be tear-inducing) NBR

So, I'm sure you all don't remember my intro, there are a lot of people to keep track of.  To keep a long story short, my husband has incurable metastatic cancer.  He had to drop out of school, and his whole life at this point consists of going to doctors appointments, and infusion appointments, with the rare visit to the ER sprinkled in. 

Last week I sent an e-mail on the down-low to the dean of his school and asked if there was nay way to receive a waiver for his final course so he could earn his degree.  This is something that the dean had never heard of, and things didn't look hopeful (which is why I didn't tell him that I was going to send this).  Well anywho, I just got an e-mail back this morning and they are waiving the final credits and granting his degree!!!  Earning this degree and teaching has been the biggest dream of his life, and although he is not going to be able to teach, he will have completed his degree!  I have spent the past 2 or so hours in tears, trying to figure out how to tell him.  They will award his degree in 10 days or so, and I had already gotten the frame for his degree (it matches all of our other diploma frames).  I'm going to wrap the diploma and give it to him, but I figure there ought to be some other things I can do to make this special.  We never really celebrated when he finished his associates or bachelors degree, and as this is his master's degree and his final degree I feel like I should do something more. 

I know, I'm rambling, but I'm just so happy.  This is some of the best news we've received all year, besides the baby.  Anyone have any ideas for me?
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Re: Fantastic news and advice needed (Warning: may be tear-inducing) NBR

  • That is awesome!!!  Definitely agree with the tear starter.  You could also do some sort of specialty cake.

  • I don't really have any good ideas for you, but I did want to say how happy I am for you on your good news!

  • What an amazing thing you are doing for him!! I think any party would be incredible, but since really wanted to teach, maybe you could something where there was a party and at some point during the time he got to give his first lecture? I don't know what is field of study is, but I would think that was sort of cool. Have everyone wear their school colors or a frat shirt or something to make if fun too...

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    mcraig107 said:

    That is so awesome! Tear inducing indeed! Maybe throw him a surprise graduation party with close family and friends?

    I think this is a great idea! Doing something this positive with the people who love him is incredible. What you did is an incredible thing too. I am sure he will be so shocked and appreciative!
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    Omg!! That's such fantastic news!!!! You're a great wife for doing that :) Congrats to him...I don't know, maybe take him to a nice dinner and then take him home to a surprise get together and have family and friends there waiting to surprise him?


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  • That is incredible news!!  I’m so excited to hear about his reaction – this was really sweet of you!   

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  • Aww, that is amazing!!!


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  • Awesome!!
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  • That is awesome! And very tear inducing! I think you need to have a party with all his friends and family, everyone who is important to your lives! And make sure you video his reaction or take pictures. 
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  • Wow that's amazing!!! I'm so happy for him! I'm so sorry about his diagnosis though, I feel like I do remember you mentioning this, but a while back. Your a great wife to do that and really it's pretty awesome they let it happen. You definitely need to go big! I like the dinner with just the two of you him there while your alone. Then come home to a surprise party! It'll be something he never forgets and will forever be grateful for! Or can you buy him something he's always wanted? Is there a sporting event he's always wanted to go to, but hasn't yet? Something memorable. I love that you and the school made this happen! You'll have to let us know what you end up doing, I'm so excited for him! 


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  • That is great news! I agree with either a small surprise graduation party if you think he can handle it or just a really nice dinner for the two of you.

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  • This is truly wonderful news and I am so happy for you and your husband.

    I think a graduation party with family and loved ones is a great idea. Congratulations on this wonderful, tear inducing news.
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  • esf60esf60
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    Definitely tear-inducing. How wonderful for him and for your family that he'll have this accomplishment. It'll mean so much to you forever!
  • I have no ideas, but wanted to say YAY, that is awesome news!!  Kudos to the Dean of your DH's school, and congrats to your DH!
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  • Amazing news! I second maybe a small surprise party! 
  • Aww this is great :) I agree with PPs, it would be really cool to have a surprise grad party if you can with close friends and family.
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  • I like the party idea. Your story did bring tears to my eyes. 

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  • that is beyond exiting! I agree with the party :)
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  • Wow, that is so great that his school was willing to grant his degree.  I am so sorry that you and DH are going through this but very happy that you got some good news and get to surprise him with it!  Framing the diploma is such a sweet touch.  
  • What a beautiful thing to happen and do something big to celebrate!
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  • Thank you all for the support and ideas.  I am seriously over the moon about this!
  • I too love the surprise graduation party idea. What an amazing thing for you both!
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  • Aw, what a great gift!! You should get him a cap and gown too!  Love it...
  • That's Is very exciting! Throw him a surprise party with family and friends!
  • This is so so so so SO incredibly amazing!!!! So happy for him!!
  • That is incredible! That warms my heart to read that the dean would do that! Congrats to your husband!! I think it would be cute to surprise him with a party as PP have said and maybe do a mock sort of graduation ceremony where you hand him the diploma?
  • No ideas, but wanted to say how amazing this is to read! Definitely brought years. What a great and lasting thing you've done for him :).

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  • Congrats to both of you! What a honor for your husband! He completely deserves it after all he's been through!
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  • That is amazing!! Congrats to your DH!! I think the surprise party is a great idea.
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  • Thanks again guys, I've definitely got the warm fuzzies.  It's been a rough couple of weeks around here, so we really needed this.  I'm hoping to get him feeling a little better so we can go out and celebrate.  I just hope I can keep the secret until I can get his diploma in a week and a half!
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  • That is amazing!!! Wow, I'm sure he will be so happy! I would definitely get a cake or do a surprise grad party like someone above said :-)
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