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My son is 4 weeks and I've been feeding on demand but he will eat like every 30 mins if I let him. He seems to use my nipples as a pacifier. He constantly wants to be held and practically hyperventilates when he's not held. Sleeping is tough too because he will only sleep at night if he is hugging my boobs or touching them. I know it's bc he uses this as a comfort he screams if I leave for a few mins and doesn't want other people to hold him. I want him to sleep by himself so that I no longer have tp cosleep. I also want him to eat every few hours instead so how do I adjust him out of these habits? I have twins that are 20 months old so all of this is a lot to take on when I have to meet their demands too.

Re: What to do?

  • At 4 weeks, he may very well be going through a growth spurt, so I would continue to nurse him every 30 minutes as long as he is truly eating.  He will eventually move to eating every 2-3 hours, but now is not the time to start pushing a schedule on him.  He is helping your milk supply to build up by nursing frequently, so you want to let him nurse whenever he wants.

    If he's trying to use you as a paci, have you offered him a paci to help him settle?  Some infants have a very strong suck reflex and need something to help them soothe.

    Do you have family near by that you can call to help you out during the day?  I'm sure this isn't easy with 20 month old twins too.  If you don't have any one around, I would definitely make sure you get a good sling/carrier and just wear your DS.
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