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Baby Kicks

Hi Mommies,

I'm not sure if it's too soon to tell whether the baby is kicking (18 weeks, 3 days), but I felt a thumping sensation for 15 minutes on my left side. It felt like someone was knocking on the inside. Being this is my first baby I don't know what it feels like or what to expect. Am I over thinking this or am I feeling the baby move for the 1st time? What's your opinion?
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Re: Baby Kicks

  • I am a FTM and I felt baby at 17w2d. It can feel like lots of different things, but this sounds about right. Congrats!
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  • I am also a FTM, i started feeling the baby at 18 weeks, in the beginning I didn't really know what it is, it was a weird feeling, but it started getting more frequent, so I imagined it was the baby! Congrats!
  • Not too early, you felt your baby.
  • Wow, what an incredible feeling. Thank you ladies for confirming. How exciting!!!! My friend suggested drinking juice because the sugar will keep the baby active. What are your thoughts or suggestions?

    YAY, I felt my baby kick for the first time!!!!! Soooooo EXCITING!!!!
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  • Yep, I think it is baby!

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  • I started really feeling baby in the last week and a half I will be 20 weeks tomorrow.
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  • Sounds like it :)
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  • It was most likely baby practicing Kung fu. My baby has been consistently becoming a master since 18 weeks, I'm 21 weeks now.
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