EPer's question when establishing supply

I pumped with DS1 because he didn't latch well, but the volumes that I got at the beginning is a blur.  I never had a great supply because with a 19 month old daughter it was hard to pump real often to establish a great supply.  DS2 also has a poor latch. So far on day 5 I'm getting 40 ml, but just started pumping regularly yesterday afternoon when I felt that we weren't making any progress at all with his latch.  TIA!

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Re: EPer's question when establishing supply

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    BTW it's a little easier to pump often this time around because DD and DS occupy each other pretty well  while I'm pumping so far.  So I'm aiming for 8-10 pumps per day until my supply is well established and then may try dropping a couple gradually if I'm able to sustain it. 
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  • The biggest part when trying to establish supply and eping is to be consistent with the pumping. I started with 8 times a day (every 3 hrs) and was getting around 30 oz a day after my milk came in.
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  • I decided to EP at 2 weeks.  I think I was pumping roughly 2-4 ounces every two-three hours.  I pumped anywhere from 7-10 times a day.  I'm at month 4 and now I pump roughly 6-8oz every 3-4 hours.
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