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Hey ladies
I had a severe allergic reaction to a peach this morning which has never happened before. DH took me to the closest clinic and they gave .me an epi pen and a steroid. I have to pump and dump for the next two days - thank goodness I have a freezer stash. Do you guys have any tips on pumping and bottle feeding for mr bc DH has a 12 hr work day tomorrow? Thanks for all the help!

Re: allergic reaction

  • Did you check with a local LC about pumping and dumping?  I remember my LC telling me that most times you do not have to pump and dump but doctors are always recommending it becuase they do not know much about breast feeding.  I would check on about the drugs you are taking.  An epi pen is rated as safe to use with BF but you may want to check the steroid.
    If LO has never taken a bottle then you may have to try a few different ones to see which one he likes.  A good rule of thumb on the amount to offer is an ounce per hour.  You can always give more if LO seems hungry still.  I would offer the bottle at the times you would usually BF. GL!
  • If you had a severe allergic reaction like you did, I would pump and dump without hesitation. I would-be more concerned about your LO having the same allergic reaction to what you ate as you did and not so much the meds they gave to treat you. I use Dr Brown bottles with level 1nipple and never had issues. I would gave a couple oz at a time and add an oz or two if LO still seems hungry. GL
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  • Thank you! We use Dr. Brown bottles also with either a preemie or level 1 nipple because we were giving him a bottle a day to prepare for daycare. The ped said that I should pump dump for the remainder of the day but I can continue BF tomorrow! Yay :)
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