No milk production....

So my son is finally getting better at breast feeding (was a week old on Monday) but now when I pump I get nothing. I'm worried that when my son feeds he is also not getting anything. What have you found helpful to succesfully BF and pump?

Re: No milk production....

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    I agree with previous poster. Unless there is an issue, it is not really recommended to start pumping until 3-4 weeks. A pump is usually not as effective as your baby to get milk from your breast, plus the best way to get more milk is to nurse, nurse, and nurse again. Your milk may not have fully come in. The best way to see if your baby is getting milk is by counting wet diapers.

    I pumped because of nipple issues at the beginning and ended up with an oversupply, that took almost a month to regulate.

    Is there any way you can meet a LC?

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