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im just curious about other ppls long after u gave birth did ur bleeding stop? and how long did u have discharge after that?

how long after birth did u have sex?


thanks ladies

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  • Well sex isn't even remotely on my radar as DD was born on 7/18...

    But anyways - I only had bleeding (real bleeding) for a week. I still have some spotting on occasion, but that's really it.
  • I had our son 3 weeks ago , just a few days ago I stopped bleeding and started having the discharge but today I started bleeding again so I'm hoping it goes away again soon!! With our first we waited 5 weeks to have sex with this one we will wait probably till 6 weeks :) hope this helps
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  • I had  C-section and bled for 6 weeks. I had sex after a week.... gently.
  • I bled for 4 weeks though it wasn't always heavy. I had sex again at 6 weeks pp. I am now at 14 weeks pp and it still hurts!

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  • I bled for about 2 1/2 weeks. I had some discharge for another 2 weeks after that. Even with a tear, I was healed up and cleared for sex by my obgyn at 5 weeks. Didn't actually have sex until 6 weeks. It was definitely uncomfortable and honestly it still is. DD is 8 weeks.

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  • I just stopped bleeding in the last couple days so about 4w. It has been really light for the last week or so. We will wait at least the 6w for sex.
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  • skioskio
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    Bled for 4.5w, still tinted discharge now at almost 6w.

    Sex isn't even a whisper of a thought yet. I tore and I have a bladder prolapse, not to mention sex after DD1 was miserably painful and I didn't even push her out of my vagina. Poor H will be waiting until at least 8w.
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  • I had heavy bleeding for about a week and a half, and then it went to light bleeding/spotting. I am at three weeks pp now, but still wear pads because of the spotting. Emotionally/mentally I'm ready for sex, but I had some minor tearing and so I'm waiting for my six week before trying.
  • 4 weeks since DD's birth and still lightly bleeding mostly from overdoing it but after having three tears in three different places..I'm still slightly sore with my lower back/pelvis area still hurting.  Will be waiting for the 6 week pp appointment to see how I'm healing but not in a rush right now to have sex with DH just yet.

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    I bled for 6 weeks. Like a heavy period for the first week, then a light period until it stopped at 6 weeks. We had sex around 7 weeks, it was fine. 

    Edited to say that I know I definitely didn't rest like I should have, so I'm sure that prolonged the bleeding. I was back working the next day (self-employed, work from home), and I could tell a difference in the bleeding on the days I rested vs. did too much. 
  • I bled until 5 weeks, at 7 weeks had sex for the first time, and at 10 weeks had a slight period.
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