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I used my manual pump the other day and got more ounces in a faster time. Does that mean it was mostly foremilk or will the hindmilk come faster too? TIA
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  • I couldn't say about fore or hind milk, just throwing it out that I always got more milk from my manual pump too!
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  • I just massage a lot when using my manual pump to encourage hind milk out.


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  • AmyG* said:

    hindmilk doesn't come out in a certain amount of time, or even a certain amount of oz.

    it's kind of confusing and something hard to predict.  basically your boobs do a very complex set of calculus equations to determine it all....

    The longer you go between feedings, the more foremilk you tend to have in the milk in your initial let down.  because the initial let down is basically the milk that is stored in the ducts waiting for a hungry baby--while it waits it does the same thing in your boob that it does in a bottle, the fat rises to the top and sticks to the sides--so in the breast the fat sticks to the walls of the ducts.  so as you get a let down the milk starts flowing thru the ducts, and as it runs past it breaks loose some fat which enters the milk, as the milk flows longer or with a 2nd let down, the fat all enters the milk and we call it hindmilk. 

    I wouldn't honestly worry about the foremilk and hindmilk when pumping.  pump fr 5-15 minutes after the milk stops flowing to be sure you are empty ad try to signal another letdown and then feed that milk to baby. it will all balance out in the long run if some pumping sessions are more fore or more hindmilk.


    Thank you! I just learned a lot from that. I really appreciate it.
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