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Ok ladies wondering .....I know that testing in morning is best with first morning peeeeeee.....but here's my dilema. I'm inpatient and already test on 10dpo got bfn....was going to test tomorrow which would be 13 dpo...
how many of u tested other than first morning pee and got posistives u were sure of

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  • Oh god that will be tough I pee alllllll the time...I drink so much water at least once an hour I go at least
  • I always tested right after work, around 6pm and got darker lines than FMU. After I got BFPs in the evening I actually got a BFN with FMU even though I was indeed PG. Good luck!

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  • I got a bfp with 4pm urine at 10dpo, but like car said you can't be drinking much and need to hold your bladder so that you have strong concentrated urine.
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  • You should still be able to test with FMU even if you work till midnight.  I'm assuming you will get 4 hours or so of sleep. 

    If you really want to get an accurate test Car is right you will need to slow down your drinking.

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  • I had "a feeling" with this PG so I POAS in the evening, which I've never done before at 9 DPO. It was the faintest of faint squinters, to the point that my DH didn't believe it was a line. I did another one in the morning and it was a clear positive. I would wait for FMU if you can otherwise don't drink much and hold your pee to get the strongest urine possible. Good luck!

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  • I tested at 11ish and got a strong positive at 13dpo. I think as long as you just hold it for a few you should test accurate. Good luck,
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