Pumping Frustration

Before I went back to work I was motivated to pump 2-3 times a day at work. But since I have been back it has been a source of stress, and I am thinking about quitting. The one lactation room at work is often being used. When it is being used I can use this other small lunch room, but it has no lock on the door and I sit there being worried about someone coming in. I have an office I can use sometimes as well, when it isn't occupied. Then when I do pump I am often only getting 3-4 oz total, which isn't terrible, but still makes it difficult to keep up with my baby. My baby is past 6 months now, and I am wondering at what point I might be able to quit or reduce the amount of times I pump.

For those that pump at work, are you able to keep up with demand? How long did you pump for?
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Re: Pumping Frustration

  • I pump 2-4oz depending on the time of day. You could try dropping one pump at work and adding one session at night and see how it goes. For me I had to pump every 2.5 hours at work to get enough milk to make DD's bottles. I would notice I significant drop in supply after 2 days with 2 pumping sessions instead of 3, so I had to stick with 3 sessions on most days.

    Can you share the pump room with the other moms? At lunch time there's often 3-4 moms pumping at the same time in the lactation room at my work.
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    when I returned to work after having DS1 we had a sign up sheet in the room where everyone would sign up for a time that they wanyed to pump.  Of course you can get caught up with work and not be able to go at that exact time, but it did help with being able to share the room.
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  • I would ask about a sign up sheet for the lactation room so that you can plan accordingly. I am in a different building daily and have no idea where I'll pump or even if I'll have an office to use. I have NO issue asking someone to vacate the office they are using for 15-20 min so I can pump. Is it annoying? Yes. But since we don't have dedicated rooms it works. And so far I've had no issues. 

    With DS1 I used a conf room that had a lock, but everyone had a key. I put a note on the door saying Do No Disturb and that worked better than a lock did. Almost everyone knew what I was doing. I also packed my cover and turned away from the door so if anyone did walk in, it wasn't a big deal.
  • Thanks for all your input, I think the sign suggestion is good.. The lactation room is tiny, so I don't think more than two people could use it at once. I asked about the sign up sheet, but they didn't seem to like the idea. There are some 10 women who want to use the lactation room, so I don't see everyone being able to unless the room was shared. I wouldn't mind sharing the room, not sure how other women would feel about it.
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