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Honest Co. Diapers?

Anyone tried them? I'm interested in trying them and looking for reviews. Do they contain pee/poop or do you have blowouts? Did anyone do the monthly bundle? Does it work well and give you enough diapers for the month?

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    We received a bunch from our neighbor whose granddaughter outgrew them. They were ok. We wanted to really love them, especially because they donate to needy babies. Unfortunately, we were not very impressed. I would put them on dd during the day when I knew I'd be changing her very often, but I didn't put them on her overnight because they just weren't that absorbent.
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    We love them, and I highly recommend them. They are a bit more expensive than store brand names, but to me it is worth it to have a more eco-friendly diaper, since we produce so much waste. Our son sleeps 8-9 hours and we have no problem with absorbency. We get the bundle every month and the amount of diapers is perfect, but I wish there was 1 or 2 more packs of wipes. They also have awesome customer service.

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  • Love them! And their wipes are cloth-like and really gentle!
  • We just ordered them. They have a free trial you could do first. I loved them and they are quite cute.
  • I love them and have never had any problems with leaks or anything!
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