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Strong kicks 30 weeks

Has anyone else been feeling very strong kicks at 30-31 weeks. Sometimes it feels like a seagull is flying around inside me. Also lower back pain ? Yikes

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    I've been feeling strong kicks for quite a while. This little guy is going to be a punter in the NFL. LoL and my lower back has been hurting on and off the whole pregnancy. He is sitting really low though.

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  • Yes but mine is more of a roller than a kicker. 
  • I'm 31 weeks today. I've notice they have gotten a lot stronger in the last week or so. I saw my stomach actually move for the first time over the weekend.

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  • yep

    Bison (FCS) beats Big 12 Champs Kansas St (24-21)!!!

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    30 weeks and my little girl is the same. My belly is shaking at least once a day and I unidentifiable parts stick out too. It just makes more excited about seeing her. But man is it distracting in meetings.
  • kdjuddkdjudd member
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    I've been having strong kicks for a few weeks. Lately it seems like the baby is more lazy though. I mainly feel lots of strange movement and body parts pushing against my stomach. 
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  • 30 weeks and so much movement here too! Actually took a video of my belly last night with my phone bc he was moving so much you could see waves of movement and little limbs sliding across. So cute! It seems to happen more than before too. Sometimes for almost an hour. And several times a day! And don't get me started on the back pain. My middle back area is horrible. I think I have a pinched nerve.
  • I've been having very strong kicks, rolls, and jabs for a while now.  They've really been picking up in intensity and frequency this week, though!  DH and I love to just sit and watch him go!
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  • Lo689 said:
    Has anyone else been feeling very strong kicks at 30-31 weeks. Sometimes it feels like a seagull is flying around inside me. Also lower back pain ? Yikes

    You cracked me up at the seagull analogy! But, I hear ya. This LO is a hulk baby! I have been seeing body parts poking out all week. Like PPs, I totally want to take a video. I seriously lie on the couch watching my belly instead of TV during my "feet up" time!

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  • frizzydizzyfrizzydizzy member
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    I'm right there with the rest of you. It's finally getting to the point where I can't fall asleep when he's moving around in there. 
    I get distracted during the day by just watching the baby jiggle my belly. 
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  • SWA80SWA80 member
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    Mine have been going nuts in there for a few weeks. For the first time this morning, I was able to feel with my hand the actual outline of toes stitcking out. It was a knee down to the foot with toes. I teared up.
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