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Just when I thought I was feeling confident about breastfeeding...

Today I've noticed some reddish-brown flecks of blood in LO's stool. He's 10 weeks. After Googling, I see that it's most likely either a dairy allergy or a lack of good hindmilk. Sometimes his poop is more green than yellow and I'm reading that could be a hindmilk issue too.  

He was born 7lbs 10 oz. and at his 2 month appt, weighed 10lbs 5 oz. which worried me as he is only in the 10th percentile, but the pedi didn't seem concerned since he's steadily gaining, slowly but surely.We EBF and he eats about every two hours during the day, about 10-15 min each breast. Sometimes longer.

On top of this, just yesterday I made the comment to the daycare teacher that all the other babies in DS's class were HUGE! And she said, "Yeah, you can tell which babies are breastfed -- they're chunks!" When I told her DS is breastfed, she said he might not be getting good fatty milk from me (not that she claims to be an expert, it was just her experience with her own child). 

So now I just wonder if the milk I'm producing is good enough. Breastfeeding is so time consuming and my days basically revolve around it, I'd hate to spend so much energy making sure he's breastfed only to find out it lacks good fat or it's irritating his bowels. Ugh. Sorry, it's just frustrating.

I'll work on eliminating dairy, but my question is what can I do to ensure my breastmilk is good and fatty? Does it have to do with what I eat, or how long he nurses?

And I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that breastmilk is still what's best for him even though these issues have cropped up. 

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    i can't help you with the blood in the stool, but i will tell you that DS has always been a small kiddo.  he was 6 lbs 5 oz at birth, which was around the 20th percentile for weight, and 19.75 inches- the 5th percentile for height.  at his 9 month well check last week, he was 19 lbs 5 oz and 26.75 inches- and the exact same percentiles.  some babies are just smaller.  as long as he's gaining on a fairly steady curve, is having plenty of wet and poopy diapers, and is meeting milestones, he's getting enough.

    it is possible there's a slight hind/foremilk imbalance.  i had that issue until about 3 months as my supply worked on regulating.  if i felt especially full before a feeding, i would hand express for a minute or two to get some of the foremilk out of the way before latching him on.  you could always try feeding from just one breast per feeding also, and maybe just letting him eat longer on that side to ensure he gets to the hindmilk.  don't doubt your body though- it sounds like you're doing an amazing job momma!

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  • Hind milk is the fatty milk that he will get when he nurses long enough, usually past 10 or 15 minutes on one side though it differs with each person. My DD was EBF and didn't like to nurse very long so I ended up letting her nurse off only one side for a longer time each feeding and pumping the other for when I was at work. She has consistently been in the 5th to 20th %ile for weight since early on...she is nearly 2 now...and her pedi is totally fine with it. He says she is perfectly healthy and he'd rather see her there than in the 95th %ile. As he put it, many parents see percentiles like a test where higher equals better, which is not necessarily the case.

    Not all BF babies are big...I've seen quite a few chunkier babies who didn't BF at all.

    The milk you produce is definitely good enough for your baby. The body is amazingly designed to produce milk to meet a baby's needs, which is part of why its so hard to make a good substitute. If your pedi is OK with baby's weight and doesn't see the need to supplement, don't let those comments discourage you. :)
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  • After being a nanny for 15 years, I'd say the formula fed babies I've had are always bigger than the BF babies. I think there is some good advice here though about 1. Don't worry if doctor isn't. 2. Let LO finish one side all the way before switching and then pump the 2nd side to finish if need be.

    And I'll add, if you're worried about the stool consistency or makeup, give the pedi a call.

    Good luck!

  • My LC said to increase my supply that I should pump immediately after every feeding. That the additional stimulation should help increase milk production.
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     My LO was 6lbs 10oz at birth and 8lbs 10oz at 2 months so your baby gained more than mine. She was then 13lbs 5 oz at 4 months which was a lot more gain. My dr said she was doing great so I don't think that is a problem.


    I would let your LO finish one side before offering the other that should help with the Foremilk/Hindmilk. But I would not pump after feeding because then you will have more foremilk..

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