Ear infections

DS has double ear infections, and he has been eating kind of weirdly lately. He is eight months old, so some of this might be due to his age more than the ear infections.

Sunday he was fussy an obviously hungry, but when I tried to feed him, he just climbed all over me like a jungle gym. He would nurse for a minute and then pop off and cry and start looking around. He did the same with a bottle of formula.

Today he had a suuuper long nursing session, like an hour long with a mix of eating and napping. I need to clean the house, but I feel bad for the little guy and enjoy when he's snuggly like this.

Any tips for nursing a baby this age or a baby with ear infections?

Re: Ear infections

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    DS had chronic ear infections when he was younger, which led to him getting tubes put in at 8 months.  he is also a very distracted eater, so i feel your pain.  unfortunately, i ended up just nursing him as often as he asked whenever he was battling an infection (and frequently when he wasn't, since he always had fluid in there and was in constant discomfort no matter what).  sometimes that ended up being every 60-90 minutes because i could only get him to eat for 2-4 minutes at a time.  it sucked, but i at least knew he was getting enough.  i also had to start nursing him in the nursery where it was quiet and distraction free- no music, no talking, no other people around.  that always got him to eat for a few extra minutes too.  

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  • I would also remove distractions. DS1 had the same problem. If he keeps getting ear infections, I would see am ent. Tubes makes the world of difference.
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