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Leaving baby with grandparents while out of town ?

My husband and I are going on a lake house boating trip and aren't taking our 5 month old because of the 100 degree temps.  My mom was wanting me to leave her a note stating that if our daughter needed medical treatment while we were gone and we couldn't be reached that she could take her in and have her treated.  I think this is a good idea, but do I need to have something like that notarized or is the note just fine by itself?


Re: Leaving baby with grandparents while out of town ?

  • A note is just fine.I asked our ped about this several visits ago and she said it was fine for my Mom or DH's Mom to bring her in for a visit. Both Grandmoms are listed on DD's medical paperwork at the ped's office. I signed a form stating that in my absence, they could make decisions in the best interest of my child and if there was a question the ped could call me directly.
     In fact, DH and I were out of town for a few days last week and my Mom needed to bring DD in for a visit. Turns out DD had a little bug, nothing big.
    I assume the same letter would work in the case of a hospital visit.
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  • A note should be fine. With our TRIO program we required parents to sign a medical release form just in case of an accident and that was just fine.  Another thing you can do if she has a smart phone is make a voice recording of you stating it is ok.

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