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For all you working mamas: I'm a teacher and my maternity leave went up to the summer.  So I've been home with DS since he was born and won't go back to work until he's 5 mos.  I EBF, but have been pumping for when I need a break or go out without him.  I have a stash saved up for when I go back, but it's not as much as I'd like.  I think I probably have about 70 oz right now and will have a little more when I go back next month.  I'll also obviously continue to pump when I'm at work.  How much did you working mamas have saved up before you went back? Am I being too obsessive about this?
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  • I was pretty much exactly in your position a year ago.  I too am a teacher and DS was 4.5 months when I went back to work last year.

    I had maybe 50 oz when I went back to work.  I never ran out of milk.  Ideally, whatever you pump Monday you will give to your LO on Tuesday and follow that throughout the week.  I would freeze what I pumped Friday and then do frozen the next Monday. 

    I didn't always pump enough for the next day.  Being a teacher, it wasn't like I could add another pumping session during the day.  There were only 2 times at work that I could pump.  I added another pumping session at night (about 2 hours after DS went to sleep) and would get an additional 2-4 oz which would make up for the amount that I was short plus some.  I ended up with about 200 oz in the freezer, at which point I stopped doing the night pumping (DS was 8 months at the time).  I figured my freezer supply would make up for any shortage until summer, which it did plus (I still have 12 oz in the freezer, and I've used quite a bit during a medical situation I had this summer).

    I think that you are sitting pretty for the start of the school year.  If you end up needing more milk then there are ways to get more milk when you need it, don't stress about it now.
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  • I have no experience but I am in the same situation.  I only had to go back for two weeks in June.  I have been a little obsessive in my pumping for my stash.  On most days I will only be able to pump once at work.  I have been pumping morning and night and hope to have around 450 ounces when I go back because I don't think I will be able to  pump enough during the day and fear my supply will drop.  If I knew I could pump twice a day for sure I would feel secure with around a hundred ounces.  I am somewhat obsessed with making it over a year without any more formula (dr. encouraged it the first week or two) because people tell me I can't do it.  
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  • I never really had more than 25oz in my freezer stash. 70oz is plenty, you only need to save up enough for your first day back at work, then what you pump that day you give LO the following day. My DD takes 12oz a day at daycare.
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