If you've given up dairy...

Did you or do  you really notice an improvement in baby?  DS is 5 wks old and very gassy at times.  He usually has 1 or 2 gassy episodes per 24 hr period.  Sometimes it takes a couple of hours to get him calmed down and get relief.  I do believe he also has reflux. (My daughter had it as well so I'm familiar with the symptoms)  I'm planning to talk to pedi about it when we go for his appt next week.  Anyway, with DD, I tried to go off dairy and had a hard time doing it. I made it 5 days and was absolutely STARVING!  I am attempting to cut back on obvious dairy products now, like cheese, milk, and ice cream.  It's going ok but I'm still struggling with it.  Dairy is just such a huge part of my diet.  So just wondering if it really makes a big difference.  And I don't even know if dairy is the real culprit.  Help!

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Re: If you've given up dairy...

  • Forgot to mention I am EBFing. 
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  • I agree it is so hard!! But my LO is much better off dairy, all you can do is try. His gas is better but mucous diapers are still there, assuming there are other allergies. Gripe water is also our best friend. One think that helps me from slipping, I heard that ignoring milk intolerance can make his allergy so much worse, I would hate that! Try soy/almond milk, earth balance butter, rice dream/sorbet for ice cream, trader joes also has dairy free choco chips, Oreos have whey but no milk! Good luck
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    My LO has MSPI and had horrible bouts of crying, bloody stools, and tummy pain.  I cut out all dairy even hidden dairy.  Cutting out diary was hard as many things have casien, whey, and lactoglobulin which are all from milk. I ate mainly veggies, fruit, and lean meats. It was worth it and in 3 weeks my LO was a whole new baby and much happier.  If you suspect an issue with dairy you should talk to your pedi about it.
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