Probably a dumb question...

Can you donate blood while breast feeding?
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Re: Probably a dumb question...

  • I don't think that's a dumb question. I don't however know the answer. Sorry lol
  • Not a dumb question. There's no difinative answer but here's a helpful link!


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  • I asked this about 5 months ago (DS was 10 months at the time), when my school was having a blood drive.  I ended up deciding I shouldn't donate while nursing due to the fact that I had dealt with low supply issues and giving DS milk was more important to me then giving blood.  I wanted my body to work on making milk not making blood.

    Although this summer I lost a lot of blood (ended up needing 2 blood transfusions) and I still nursed DS through most of that time and am still nursing him now.  So, it is possible for your body to make both milk and blood at the same time, but DS was 14 months when this happened and so BM wasn't as important in his diet.
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  • You can donate blood while nursing. I have with both kids and plan to again. The biggest concern is usually milk supply. I found that as long as I drank enough water it was fine.
  • ask your doctor to see what they recommend
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