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Do any of you have success doing an "eat, play, sleep" schedule?  I kind of feel like it goes against the idea of breastfeeding on demand.  I am trying to do it with DS, but he sometimes wants to nurse again about an hour after he ate upon waking, and then he'll go right to sleep.  And he is actually eating a good amount, not just comfort nursing himself to sleep.  I have been trying to get him to continue to nurse a little longer when he wakes, but I think it's too much because he'll start spitting up a lot.

Any advice is appreciated!

ETA: He is 12 weeks.  I am trying to fix my siggy, I guess it got messed up during the update.
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Re: eat play sleep

  • I was wondering the same thing.  My LO sometimes does eat play sleep for his morning and afternoon naps but not always and always does eat play eat sleep for his evening nap (sometimes just eat and sleep).  When he does it, it happens naturally but it only started about a week or two ago.  He is EBF on demand and I had no idea how to get him on a schedule since on demand isn't on a schedule.  FWIW, I have decided that I am okay with him not being on a strict schedule if he is healthy and happy.  When he is fussy and can't fall asleep quickly I bf and he is out in a few minutes, no schedule is worth giving up that kind of magic. He is 14 weeks today.

  • We did eat, play, eat, sleep, like pp did. I liked the pattern of eat, play, sleep, but decided to continue feeding on demand as well, so I morphed them together.
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  • We did it and it worked for us. Followed the scheduled recommended by Moms on Call.
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