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So nervous for u/s

My first U/s was at 5 weeks 2 days to rule out an ectopic for a gush of bleeding I had (no bleeding since).  My doctor confirmed that it wasn't an ectopic and they were able to see what they needed to for being so early (she saw the gestational sac and yolk sac).

My next u/s is still a week away, I'll be 7 weeks 6 days.  I know the baby or HB couldn't be seen last time due to how early it was, but since I didn't get to see it last time, I'm so scared that there won't have been any progress.  I wish my pgal brain would shut up, but with the bleeding and just being paranoid anyway, the days seem to be crawling until next Tuesday.  I guess I just needed to vent.

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Re: So nervous for u/s

  • I hope everything looks good next week! I know it's hard to not be nervous, try to distract yourself with a project or something maybe?
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