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Baby acne

Ok I'm sure there is nothing to do but thought I would just ask. My ds has gotten acne on his cheeks- is there anything to do for him? Or just wait it out? Thanks
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Re: Baby acne

  • Could be from drool, especially at this age, during teething. I would make sure to keep his sheets and blankets and other things he lies on nice and clean, and also perhaps in the morning and at night wipe his face, neck, and chest with a face-safe cleaning wipey.

    If it's something other than drool, then yes, you'll need to wait it out. Could also be that he's sweaty in this hot weather, depending on where you live.
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  • My DS had this as well. Our doctor recommended I cut out dairy and I did about three weeks ago it has cleared up and hasn't returned since.
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  • DD has it every now and then. Like PP said, I think drool and the weather play a big part in it. If it doesn't go away soon I would ask your doctor to check it out and make sure it's nothing else. But I'm betting its nothing serious :)
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  • Baby acne is normal. You can put breast milk on it and it should clear right up. If looks more like a rash and gets worse and worse over the course of a week then you should see your doctor. 

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