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BH & BP Med?

I posted this on the 3rd Tri board.  I'm posting again here to see if any of you guys dealt with this during your pregnancy.
I'm almost 34 weeks.  I've had big time issues with BH contractions.  Unfortunately, I'm getting sort of use to them...  The slowest they have been has been about 12 minutes apart.  It's been this way since 26-27 weeks.  After the 4th trip to L&D to stop and monitor this, my Dr decided to try something different.  He now has me on a BP med Nifediac.  He said it does not stop preterm labor.  It only relaxes "smooth muscles" making contractions ease.  I've only taken this a few days.  Not sure it's really helping.  

Anyone else have any experience with this?  I hate taking meds while pregnant, but I HAVE to work!

Re: BH & BP Med?

  • Sounds like you have irritable uterus. I've had this with all three pregnancies. It's like your uterus is having muscle spasms. Google it and you'll find tons of info. Water and bed rest are the best things to control it. I had those meds first pregnancy to help control. Then I learned how to stop them by laying down on side when it's starts up. Also, lots of water! Good luck!
  • Thanks!  Yes, I have the irritable uterus along with the contractions.  I drink more than a gallon of water a day.  L&D said I had the best pee they have ever seen....  Woohoo!  Laying down doesn't do much either.  Dr. gave me the meds to try since he had sent me to L&D with consistent contractions to get the shots 4 different times.  He wanted (and so did I) to try another method to avoid me going every other week or more.
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