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Where to get fitted for nursing bras?

I am due in 7 weeks.  When and where should I go to get fitted for nursing bras?  I'm assuming my breasts will get bigger once milk comes in, but I would like to have some bras before baby comes.  Thanks!

Re: Where to get fitted for nursing bras?

  • I only bought sleep bras and used those till my milk came in. I actually wound up out growing them too. I wouldn't purchase bras until my milk came in if I were you. But to fully answer the question, I went to Motherhood Maternity.
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  • I stupidly bought my bras right before my milk came in. I bought 38D, and now that I've been BFing for a while, my boobs are at least a 38DD if not more. I am literally popping out of my bras. Wait to buy them!
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  • I waited until my milk came in. Depending on your pre/post milk size, you MAY be able to go to Motherhood. I was a 38F before pregnancy, so I had to go to a local specialty bra shop.
  • I bought nursing tanks and a sleep bra and that got me through until my milk came in. It's not like your going somewhere that requires a bra the first couple days anyways lol

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    I'm wearing sleep bras until 4 weeks pp. Your size will continue to change. I think at four weeks when milk production is more stable is the best time for a fitting. I'm going to check out Norstroms for a bra fitting since they seem to be the best and was hoping to get underwire bras this time around. As long as the fit is good, they are fine to use, I hear.
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