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Oh come on! - vent

Two weeks ago I had some bleeding and went in for a check-up, a little bleeding from the cervix, so I was put back on bedrest (I was on bedrest in first tri).  Things have been going ok, boring, but ok.

A couple days ago I was sick a couple times throughout the day, and it has continued since, so yay morning sickness is back.. Joy!

BFP #1 09/15/09, MMC 09/28/09
BFP #2 06/04/12, EDD 02/09/13, MC at 6w3d on 06/18/12
BFP #3 01/16/13, EDD 10/04/13, Born 09/17/13

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Re: Oh come on! - vent

  • ahhh no! no fun!
    BFP#1 9/28/2012 - EDD 6/3/2013 - MMC discovered 11/21/2012 @ 12w2d - D&C 11/24/2012
    BFP#2 4/4/2013 - Born at 37w3d on 11/26/13 via emergency c-section
    Loving our beautiful rainbow baby boy Archer!

    ~*All AL Welcome*~
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