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Dreading u/s tomorrow

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Re: Dreading u/s tomorrow

  • Lots of hugs. I'm sorry PgAL brain is being nasty. I would just try to relax tonight and get as much rest as possible. FX for a great US tomorrow!

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  • I am sorry, PgAL brain sucks! I have had 2 first tri losses as well, both found at ultrasounds. So I get completely freaked out about them too. It's hard! Wishing you all the best tomorrow!
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  • I was the same way with my A/S last week - when he came up on the screen I got really panicky after 2 minutes or so and asked 'is there heartbeat??' like, it didn't occur to them to tell me that right off the bat.

    I hope yours goes ok, good luck!
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  • I'm so sorry for your anxiety. I had two losses both discovered at ultrasound. I hope all goes well tomorrow. Hugs

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  • Rosie, that sounds like really good advice.   I'll have to remember that for the next few weeks.   I can see that really helping me.
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  • Praying for peace for you and a great u/s!
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    Praying for you that you have peace and see great results.

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  • Good luck this morning!! I wish the best ofr u! Hope the baby is beautiful
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