Pregnant after a Loss

Scheduled 1st appointment, now the wait begins!

So the nurse called this morning and scheduled my ultra sound for August. 21st. This seems forever away! I'll be 7 1/2 weeks then, they said they wanted to make sure I was far enough along to be able to find the heart beat. I wish we could go for ultra sounds earlier would make these early days a little bit easier. Now lets see if I can survive the wait with out driving myself crazy. Hope everyone is having a good night.

Re: Scheduled 1st appointment, now the wait begins!

  • Thanks, I'm just trying to stay busy. If I remember right, are you a teacher too? I have the summer off so lots of time to sit around and think to much. The next couple of weeks should be okay we're going away for a long weekend then preplanning then back to it. My appointment is actually the first Wednesday the kids are back.
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