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XP: help: Woombie vs Magic Sleepsuit

Cross posted from my BMB. I'm hoping some ladies on here have some experience with these:

So LO seems to have decided the last couple nights that he's "over" the swaddle. Which stinks because we were loving our Miracle Blanket. My happy guy turning into a kicking and screaming mess for about an hr and a half as soon as I swaddled him at bedtime. Last night I took him out and tried hands free but he's so not ready for that. His hands were all over his face and he gets frustrated that way. I put him in a sleep sack swaddle and he got his hands out pretty easily.
I'm debating between the Woombie and the Magic Sleepsuit. Which do you recommend? I'd like to not have to buy both and save money, but may end up getting both. I like the Sleepsuit but not sure if it will contain those hands enough. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Re: XP: help: Woombie vs Magic Sleepsuit

  • We had both. What kind of position dos he naturally find himself in if he does fall asleep without a swaddle? Is he scrunched up? Or sprawled out? If scrunched, try the woombie, if sprawled do the sleepsuit. It will contain the hands fine...imagine wearing an inflatable hazmat suit :) His hands won't be able to make it to his face.
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  • I've never really dug the Woombie.  I've tried it with my first two.  I used the sleep suit with my last DS and LOVED it.  I have already got my new DS in it.  I found breaking the sleep suit once the kid was ready to be easy also.
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  • My DD was a swaddle addict, but got to the same point as your LO & would kick & thrash around to break free. Once her arms were free, she still kicked & her hands would fly around keeping her up.

    We spent so much on every kind of sleep sack/suit we could get our hands on. We tried both the woombie & the magic sleep suit & she hated both. I've heard great things about both for some babies, but they didn't work for my LO. We resorted to the escape proof swaddle (there's a how to video on you tube), which is similar to the miracle blanket but uses 2 swaddle blankets. Some people feel it isn't safe, so if you aren't comfortable with this method, I totally understand. But my DD started sleeping 9+ hours straight at night from the first night we used it.

    To break her of the escape proof swaddle, we started using a halo sleep sack & using the escape proof part for just her arms inside the sleep sack for 1 week. Then we went to 1 arm out for the next week. And finally just the sleep sack.

    Good luck, I hope you find a transition that works well for your LO!
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  • Thank you all so much for the feedback. I might try the "escape proof" swaddle. I did see videos of it online. He's still very young and doesn't move a ton so Id think its fairly safe. I may give the Sleepsuit a try too. Thanks for taking time to respond! :)
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  • I'd try whatever doesn't force his legs out straight and down. Their legs need to be able to fall open and apart as they naturally do when unswaddled.
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  • :::lurking from August:::

    with my son we used the magic sleepsuit. It didnt work for him because his natural body temp runs hot and this suit is like a snow suit. However, they do free returns within a certain timeframe so it was no risk to try it. I also got it cheaper initially by finding a coupon code on their facebook page.


  • I love our Woombie, highly recommend!
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