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DD's Daytime Naps

HELP !! Our DD is 8 weeks old and for the past week or so has only taken her naps while being held ! We used to be able to put her down anywhere once she was rocked to sleep but now all of a sudden if we try to put her down, she wakes up and won't fall back asleep no matter what we do, unless we hold her !! Any advice ?? She takes about 3-4 naps during the day and some days yes I do love cuddling and watching her sleep but most days I have things I've got to get done around the house too. I'm a FTM and a SAHM and worry I'm starting a really bad habit . She does however have no problems sleeping at night in her PnP in our room. We will transition her to her room around her 4month bday.

Re: DD's Daytime Naps

  • My son did that for a couple weeks around that time, It started around the time he hit a growth spurt. I tried putting in the swing, carseat and rock n play, it didn't work. Do you have a baby sling? Might be a good time to use it or get one, I have the baby k'tan and he would fall right to sleep in it and I could get things done. She will grow out of the phase, just hang in there, also remember that some things will have to wait, enjoy the t I've you have while she is small, they grow up quick. Good luck!
  • This could be my post! ;)
    Everyone tells me it's related to their 6 week growth spurt, and it's temporary. Hope they're right, because I'm a FTM, SAHM, and a WAHM. I'm not getting much done!
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  • My LO just went through this- lasted about 3 days and then she was back to normal. It corresponds to the 8-week Wonder Week (cognitive leap).
    She is here! 5-29-13


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